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You Can See The Toyota 2024 Small SUV Before Its Supposed To Come Out


You might remember last year’s Toyota Small Electric Vehicle Concept, which this appears to be a production version of. This patent by Toyota and the Australian Intellectual Property department would patent a crossover vehicle that might or might not take the place of the current C-HR SUV. A redesign is overdue for the current C-HR, which has been around since 2017.

It seems this small Toyota SUV will be the new C-HR EV?

Despite it being an EV, the patent depictions show a grille. Whether it is decorative or functional, we do not know at this point. Upon closer inspection, it looks like they don’t have the components to provide power from the vehicle’s engine, a pattern which points to an EV powertrain. Though these are patent submissions, who knows for sure?

It looks like Toyota is heavily invested in large black-based graphic design breaking up their surface, which we have seen with the prototype of the soon-to-be-released Sora EV, because the patent sketches mirror this model closely. You can tell just by looking at it that there is practically no deviation, even the wheels are the same as the concept. Disappointingly, we found that the signature wing-like design lines almost exactly match those of other Hyundai models.

This Toyota small SUV is a hybrid of a gas-electric, right?

Although the visibility is very limited, one can see that there are access doors on both sides of the rear quarter panel, suggesting this might be a plug-in hybrid. On one side, there is an intake for gasoline, and on the other, the outlet for the plug. The current C-HR is only a conventional hybrid.

However, its current iteration features either the 1.8-liter or 2.0-liter gas engine, paired with a continuously variable transmission. With this CVT, the small SUV produces more noise than horsepower. That could be why it hasn’t sold well in the U.S.

Nevertheless, Australia does better with this product. Could that be why the patent, filed by Drive Australia, isn’t from there? Could this mean Toyota is abandoning the small crossover market in the U.S.? Or does it feel that this new version will drive sales there?

Are the Toyota C-HRs popular in the U.S.?


C-HR sales have declined since their initial high of 49,642 in 2018. Last year sales decreased to 35,707. It has barely squeaked to 10,000 units in August, putting it on pace for less than 20,000 sales by 2022. Taking into account the rush for anything new both last year and this year, those statistics illustrate a lack of interest among U.S. consumers.

The C-HR could also have problems outside of its stomach pump powertrain. As a manufacturer, Toyota makes an incredible number of SUVs. You could say it’s oversaturated. Not long ago, the brand unveiled the bz4x, an electric sports utility vehicle (EV SUV) with a similarly challenging name.

Has Toyota released too many types of SUVs?


From small Toyota models like the Corolla Cross to full-size SUV models like the RAV4 and Highlander, a variety of choices are available. Then what exactly is the point of the C-HR? Clearly, it must have a point in Australia.

Toyota’s bz4x is the second most expensive SUV it makes behind the Highlander. But it is expected to sell 7,000 units by 2022, so its effect on SUV sales will be minimal. This means that over the past five years, an average of over 400,000 RAV4s were sold every year. By 2020, Toyota expects to sell over 10 million globally. Toyota knows what it is doing in the SUV department, but at present, it is alone in knowing all the specifics of the filing.

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