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World’s Top 10 Hottest Black Women Celebrities


Black is always beautiful, there is always a misconception about the hottest black female celebrities that they are not beautiful, which is totally false, because beauty is not the name of fair skin, beauty is also hidden in darker skin. Beauty is the name of attraction – the magic that steals your heartbeat.

Never forget that beautiful women come in all shapes, colors and features. Surprisingly, many black women rule the biggest entertainment industry in the world, Hollywood. These women are so graceful, their style of acting, modeling, singing, and dancing has made the world fall in love with their striking beauty. Whenever we talk about black, we only remember the beauty of Oprah Winfrey. Her elegant personality has attracted the attention of people all over the world. Are you ready to learn about the beautiful top 10 black celebrities?

1. Beyonce

Who better than Queen B herself to start the list of gorgeous black women, Beyonce is a brand in her own right. Whether it’s her golden complexion or her shapely sexy body, Beyonce is more than just her pop star persona. With her quintessentially black female curves and gorgeous Afro-American features, Beyoncé is certainly a complete package. Not only that, but when accused of being too “bossy”, QueenB replied, I’m not bossy… I’m the BOSS!

2. Michelle Obama

The White House’s first hottest black female celebrity, we’re definitely in the midst of changing times. Michelle Obama became an overnight sensation, with the media raving about her outfit the moment her husband was sworn in as president of the United States. Mrs. Obama’s popularity as first lady is matched only by Jackie Kennedy, and everything she stands for is closely watched, envied and loved.

3. Naomi Campbell

As one of the first hottest black female celebrity NAOMI CAMPBELL, and considered a complete panther girl on the slopes, this list wouldn’t be complete without this “oh so sexy” Noami.

Now we all remember the chocolatey Naomi in a plain white mini dress twirling with Micheal Jackson in his video “In the Closet.” However, she also became a smart businesswoman with a chain of restaurants and a reality show called The Face. The famous model decorated Indian designer Manav Gangwani’s Lehenga-Choli at her Jodhpur carnival for her boyfriend.

4. terra bank

Ask any designer they’ll name her. She’s the gorgeous model that all top designers and brands dream of, and Banksy knows her craft all too well. Now, in retirement, this beautiful black woman is remembered, missed, and constantly reinventing herself in every facet of the fashion industry. Her world hit “Next-Top-Model” is a franchise that launches its talent hunt in various countries including India.

5. Hayley Berry

As the first hottest black female celebrity to win an Oscar, Helle Berry showed the world a genius regardless of color or race. She is a mother, talented actress, and one of the most popular black celebrities when it comes to showcasing top designer brands. For many, she is one of the most beautiful actresses.

6. Janet Jackson

She is the younger sister of the late legendary pop star Michael Jackson, one of the first faces to promote women of color. A successful and sizzling pop star and gorgeous actress, Jackson stood out as a black woman in the film “Black Girls.”

7. William in Venice

The first hottest black female celebrity to be crowned Miss America in 1983 was unforgettable. You can’t get enough of Vennesa William’s distinctive brown eyes and that stunningly curvaceous, sexy body, so typically black.

8. Alicia Keys

Can’t you see enough of “All women are born bad guys” in the latest Levi’s commercial? Yep, that’s your Alicia key; sexy, curvy, hot, and kills without blinking an eye. Known for being the second American artist to win five Grammys in one night in 2002, Gorgeous Keys made herself a beautiful black woman.

9. Rihanna

Her gorgeous eyes and bold lips are just some of the amazing traits of the super-sexy pop star. Rihanna’s powerful voice accentuates her smooth and sharp curves due to her African heritage. Rihanna’s sexy skin compliments her skin, which makes her skin tone suitable for almost any hair color.

10. Iman Mohammad Abdul Majid

The Somali supermodel was all the rage then, and it’s all the rage now. Of course, we remember when she played the gorgeous Egyptian queen who fell in love with a mysterious stranger. Sexy model Iman is more than just a very successful modelling career, whether it’s her makeup line or the endorsement of exclusive brands, even today, this black beauty has it all. Black people are always beautiful, and there is always a misconception that black women are not beautiful, which is completely false, because beauty is not a name for fair skin, beauty is also hidden in darker skin. Beauty is the name of attraction – the magic that steals your heartbeat.

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