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Women’s Soccer Celebrity Picture Deep Dive


Liam (Bubba) of the Pardon My Take podcast tweeted that someone should dig into the photo. Then Twitter user @swright_33 volunteered for me to do so. Liam replied, “Let’s do this John Richie”. I respect Liam, so here we are. If anyone at Barstool Sports suggested I should do something, I would immediately agree to do so. If the mantis told me to do something, I would probably do it. That was an unnecessary shot at the praying mantis. After Barstool Idol he sent me a very nice message. I mean, they could make me do some really bad things if they wanted to.

So that’s why I do it. This photo is only 3 years old, so at least it’s talking.

Has anyone explained the premise of this photo? If I remember correctly, it was removed immediately. I respect when people delete bad tweets. I’ve been deleting bad tweets for years. I’ve done it twice since I started at Barstool.

I tweeted one a few days ago. I think it’s funny. After 30 minutes it didn’t get as many likes as I expected, so I deleted it. S/o Babyface Hayes.

Good picture above. I’m not sure what the best way is. I thought about making an acronym for everyone, but that would be torture. Maybe this could be part 2. I’ll just throw in some ideas for each and call it a deep dive.

  • Taylor Swift looks great. I’m a bit Swifty myself. I know most of the lyrics to the 12 minute version of All Too Well.
  • There are a handful of people in suits in this photo and I don’t know why. Will Ferrell is one of them. Should he be Deangelo Vickers from The Office? Of all the Will Ferrell roles they go with Deangelo Vickers? I really enjoyed those episodes of The Office. They’re not popular with most people, but I love the scene where he meets Michael Scott at the bar.
    • “You know what I’ve always wanted to try? Luge”
    • “Try it after you’re addicted” – Makes me laugh every time. I don’t have high standards for humor.
  • not much opinion Miley Cyrus. A long time ago I watched a fake Miley Cyrus porn and thought it was real. I told my friend about this. They lost a lot of respect for me when they saw how fake it was.
  • Will Smith seems to be shouting. This photo was taken long before he was beaten.
  • iron Man is the first fictitious person. Captain America seems like a better choice. I haven’t seen any of these movies, and probably never will. Unless someone at Barstool told me. I’m not a big filmmaker.
  • The next picture looks like Tom Cruise From Top Gun. I’ve never seen Top Gun either, but I think his character’s name might be Goose. I’m not going to fact check this.
  • I think the next woman is Candice Parker. I’m going to check because if I don’t know these women’s names, I’m afraid it will look bad. I have confirmed it is Candace Parker. nice to me. I have no problem with Candice. She is a great women’s basketball player.
  • Definitely have to look at the next woman too.it is Brie Larson. Never heard this name in my life. Brie Larson is best known for playing a superhero named Carol Danvers. Terrible name for a superhero. Maybe the worst I’ve ever heard.
  • I know Simone Byers. She is an incredible gymnast. She didn’t compete in most events except at the last Olympics, where she got Spinney. I respect her decision not to sit. It’s best for her, and in turn, best for our country.
  • Have Baker Mayfield Very shocking here. He is wearing a baseball cap. I zoomed in pretty far to see if I could figure out what the logo on the cap was, but it was too blurry. Then I found a higher resolution image and zoomed in on it. Still too vague. Then I spent 10 minutes googling pictures of Baker Mayfield in a hat trying to find it. No luck there either. There must be a football on it, but I can’t read the text. I wish I could do something fun with his hat, but even if I could find the logo, the payoff might not be that great.
  • If we don’t do well in men’s football Clint Dempsey made this photo. He might be a good guy, but when you compare him to the best players in the world, he’s not great at football. It’s also possible that he’s a terrible person. I won’t know. Whatever he is as a person, he is not particularly good at football.
  • Serena Williams One of the most dominant athletes of all time. She may be the first person who deserves this picture. Whenever I see Serena Williams, I want to drink milk. Because she’s in a lot of “Have Milk?” ads. Nothing to do with her boobs.
  • Billie Jean King Not the transgender icon who turned the tennis world upside down when she competed in the 1976 U.S. Women’s Open. You’re thinking of Renee Richards. It’s 30 to 30 about her.
  • Next is Zach Ertz Wearing a funny hat. He’s married to a member of the U.S. women’s soccer team, so I’m assuming that’s why he’s in this photo.
  • i have nothing to say Angelina Jolie. She bores me. I was thinking she was riding the Sybian on the Howard Stern show, but that was actually the Carmen Electra.

Next line: (this will be long, sorry)

  • When I was a kid, I thought Oprah Winfrey is the richest man in the world. My parents must have told me something that made me think so. I remember we were in Chicago and they pointed me to her apartment. I thought it was the whole skyscraper.
  • Christian Pulisic Is a legitimate good football player. I’m pretty sure he’s the best American football player of all time, unless I forget someone. Tim Howard might be the next best. Again, I might forget someone.
  • Pulisic followed friend’s cast. During a very dark period of my life, I bingeed friends. If you grew up watching Friends and still love it, I understand watching it for nostalgic reasons. But if you’re 26 and decide to dive into Friends for the first time, you probably haven’t reached the top.
    • Here’s my ranking of my friend’s cast
      1. Joey – Funny and likable
      2. Rachel – hot and cute
      3. Phoebe – a little too quirky but still generally flattering
      4. Chandler – so quirky and sometimes just flattering
      5. Monica – One of the worst characters of all TV shows early on, but she got better by the end
      6. Ross – never liked him, never will
  • i always want to Jennifer Lawrence as her character in the Silver Linings Playbook. Complete psychosis.
  • did you know Subard Is it about Larry Bird? That was news to me. She also dated a member of the U.S. women’s soccer team. So I’m guessing if you’re famous, you’re taking this photo and you’re dating a member of the team. You don’t have to be that famous, though. Sue Bird didn’t even show up in my WNBA Fantasy League.
  • I’m doomed Steve Carell. The office is incredible. One of my favorite TV shows. But when you’re playing an iconic character like Michael Scott, it’s hard to be someone else.
  • Conmatarazzo Play the chubby kid in Stranger Things.
  • Sadie sink Plays a child’s sister in Stranger Things. Her brother is basically the protagonist, but he didn’t take this photo. Eleven did not.I’m sure it was discussed in detail when the pictures first came out
  • Another American male soccer player — Landon Donawan.
  • Andy Samberg. doesn’t make sense, but whatever.
  • The first and only country singer to make this photo is Carrie Underwood. Very talented and very stacking. I love her song about women committing crimes after being cheated on by significant other.
  • OK Travis Scott interesting. I’m running out of gas there. I like his music. In this photo, he’s dressed cooler than everyone else. He just paid for the funeral of a bunch of kids who died at his concert due to his negligence. Everyone told him there was a problem with the crowd. They told him he needed to stop the show, but he was like, “No thank you, I’m going to keep getting angry.”

next line (home run)

  • Brad Pitt It seems like he might be one of the last to make the cut. Sneak him in.
  • I removed a very offensive Kobe Bryant joke. I will never include it. I just wanted to type it out and see how it looked. It looks bad. You can hear it if you subscribe to my Patreon.
  • funny that LeBron James Is the only athlete in uniform. I like LeBron James. Considering he’s been very famous since he was 15, I think he’s pretty normal. I’ve had 20k+ followers for 2 weeks and I’ve turned into a nightmare.
  • I love Ellen DeGeneres. I have never been discriminated against by Allen.
  • not a huge Beyonce fan. Except for her album, Lemonade. I used to stand up and talk about hitting women from my car when I was popping lemonade. It never worked. Maybe a laugh or two. I’m holding on longer than I should. I’m not a good stand-up comedian.
  • I can feel myself getting lazy.I need to come up with something interesting ASAP, but Jay-Z Not inspired me. I’m going to drink 3 Coronas and spam Owen’s name on the World Series of Poker Live.
  • I spent $4.99 to write a message in the chat that said “Owen.” For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to type a message, so I just sent a blank $4.99 with no message attached. The boys were outraged. It was a good experience.Either way, the next guy doesn’t look alike logic. Obviously this is the logic.
  • I like Kendrick Lamar‘s new album. It wasn’t my favorite thing he did, but it was still good. I listened to it on vacation so I have fond memories.
  • There are many people in this photo.what do I do Zac Efron? Just kidding? He seemed down to earth.
  • I hope Justin Bieber well-done. Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is scary. It can happen to anyone. I wish I could snap my fingers and have a Justin Bieber tattoo. I’ll do it in a heartbeat.
  • Eight Modern Family Cast! ? Eight? ! ?
  • the last person is J Cole. I can’t deny that J. Cole made some great music, but he was always on top of something. I don’t like when he talks about losing his virginity. I have a love/hate relationship with him. He’s another weird rapper. Jay-Z is the only one that makes sense. They should just use Jay-Z, Lil’ Wayne and Kanye and call it quits. I’m mad at logic right now.

front row (last)

  • Then we have the whole U.S. women’s soccer team. Every time I type, I capitalize USA Women’s Soccer Team because I’m afraid of being canceled. Some female soccer players have their fists on their chests. They looked like they were holding imaginary microphones. I know Megan Rapinoe, Carly Lloyd, Alex Morgan and Julie Ertz. Hopefully Solo must no longer be on the team. Hope solo is crazy.

I’m about to move my entire life to NYC, so this may be my last blog post in a few days. Can’t wait to get back to the office. I heard the rule is 10 blogs a day.

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