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Women celebs go to battle for GBV survivors


When it comes to supporting good causes, Angelique Gerber and Tasché Burger are ready to put their faces and their bodies at risk.

As part of the campaign to end gender-based violence (GBV) in South Africa, two boxers will fight in the ring before the end of the month to raise funds for two NGOs – the South African Family Protection Society and the Yellow survivor.

In the first headline battle of the Boxop series featuring two female celebrities, organizers hope to fill Centurion’s SuperSport Park with thousands of spectators after the huge success of the first two games.

Actress Gerber and rock musician Berg are said to have done a lot of preparation for the clash, dubbed the “show of the year.”

Gerber said: “My involvement with Boxop is part of my long-term commitment to help mitigate the impact of gender-based violence and to raise funds for the Family Protection Society, a group dedicated to saving women and children from abuse and violence. NGO.

“To exist without equality is to exist without dignity. I will always fight for a world where tolerance and understanding shape people’s lives and guide the future of our youth.” Burger called GBV “a huge problem in South Africa”.

gender-based violence
Cape Town’s The Voice SA winner Tasché (Hamburg) confronts 7de Laan and Boer Soek ‘n Vrou TV actress Angelique Gerber during the BOXOP Edition 3 media launch at Hennies restaurant in Centurion on June 28, 2022 . The champions are GBV charities Yellow Survivors and Family Preservation Society, who create awareness and safe spaces every day for those affected by gender-based violence in South Australia.Image: Nigel Sibanda

“I’m tired of people turning a blind eye to gender-based violence and not wanting to be involved.

“I’m tired of seeing women and children suffer and lose money because they can’t afford legal aid. I’m ready to stand in the ring against Angelique because that’s a good reason,” Berger said Say.

South African Family Protection Society chief executive Natasha Dixon said her organisation worked with SA Police to save abused children and fund GBV cases by having lawyers advocate for victims in court.

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“We get funding from the public to fund victims’ defenses. When high-profile GBVs enter the media, such cases are prioritized, but ordinary people are forgotten, and that’s where we step in.

“Boxop is all about bringing the fight into the ring and helping victims. You don’t need to be a celebrity to get help. In South Africa, children and women are murdered every day by those who deserve to love them. Abuse knows no boundaries, nor does it color,” Dixon said.

Leilani Kuter of Yellow for Survivors said: “We are a non-profit organization that helps raise money for rape survivors through physical activities such as long walks. We also provide free self-defense classes and counseling for survivors (men, women and children) .

“I was approached because self-defense and boxing go hand in hand. I am passionate about self-defense because I am a strangled rape survivor myself.”

Last year, rock royalty François Van Cola and rugby legend Derek Hoggard took to the ring, with Van Cola crowned champion.

To get tickets, people can visit www.tickets.co.za.

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