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Woke Hollywood Celebrates Slavers Because They’re Black Women


With the upcoming movie “The Queen,” the left’s obsession with focusing everything on race and gender has reached a new, vile low point.

This “historical epic film” revolves around the real African kingdom of Dahomey, which existed during the scramble for Africa during the imperial era from 1800 to around 1904.

Viola Davis plays General Nanisca, the leader of an all-female warrior group known as the Dahomey Amazons, who fights European attempts to conquer the kingdom.

Wow! It has it all! Strong black women and evil white Europeans. This is a leftist dream!

Except for the dire reality of how the kingdom of Dahomey treats its neighbors on the African continent.

The kingdom built its legacy on conquest, waging endless wars against these neighbors.

Dahomey had to send out an unusual Amazon army, not because the kingdom was modern, but because so many of its men were slaughtered for expansion that it was forced to enlist women.

Most importantly, the kingdom’s economy was built on slavery. Yes, contrary to what the radical left tries to ignore, Africans are just as willing to participate in the slave trade as Europeans.

Before Europe banned the slave trade, Dahomey routinely traded men, women and children from neighboring tribes to whites in exchange for money and other goods. To make matters worse, the slaves who remained in Dahomey faced dire conditions and were often sacrificed to the gods of the kingdom.

Dahomey and slavery were so intertwined that Europeans had to force the kingdom to stop.

Historian Martin Meredith says in his book “The Fortune of Africa” ​​that Dahomey’s King Gezzo told British diplomats who were trying to persuade him to stop enslaving and sacrificing his people:

The slave trade has always been the governing principle of our people. This is the source of their glory and wealth. Their songs celebrate their victory, and mothers lull their children to sleep with notes of victory over enslaved enemies.


Ghezo appears in the film, played by “Star Wars” protagonist John Boyega. His portrayal in the film makes Ghezo sound less like a bloodthirsty tyrant and more like a worried monarch worried about the fate of his continent.

If the trailer is any indication, the film will push an unhistorical narrative of an irreproachable African battling evil European colonists.

“The evil that threatens our kingdom is coming,” Boyega/Ghezo says at the beginning of the movie’s trailer, panning to a garish-looking white man.

Then, Davis/Naniska said: “The Europeans want to conquer us. They won’t stop until all of Africa is theirs. We have to fight back. For our people.”

It’s a sickening combination of “Black Panther” and Wakanda-inspired black supremacy with a ton of help from the #girlboss energy.

Leftist rags have made moviegoers see the film as a great victory for identity politics.

“Viola Davis Leads Brave Warriors to Battle in ‘Queen’ Trailer,” the Hollywood Reporter’s headline reads, while The Huffington Post says we should all ‘give to Viola Davis’ bow”.

Radical leftists tend to worship people simply because of their unchanging characteristics. Blacks, transgenders, and women are lauded simply for being there, while the left favors a sacred identity trio: black transwomen.

Although there is no evidence that any males entered the ranks of the Dahomey Amazons, the film touches on two of the three main identity groups. The story, featuring a black woman, is clearly worthy of praise to the slave owners.

The strangest thing about the controversy surrounding the trailer is that Dahomey’s story is a truly interesting historical narrative.

The story of an all-female army led by a corrupt king who financed his war machine with the blood money of selling his neighbors into slavery will keep audiences hooked.

But the left just couldn’t help it. Instead of that story, viewers might be treated to two hours of “Yass Queen Slay” and the incisive Black Lives Matter racial essentialism.

Maybe I’m all wrong, this film will delve into the scourge of what the kingdom of Dahomey represents in real life. But in our society shaped and shaped by the left, where women and blacks are often portrayed as blameless innocents only to be bullied by evil whites, I have no hope.

Human experience is shaped by human capacity for great evil or great good.

There are whites who enslave blacks, and there are whites who fight to break free. There were also blacks who fought for the abolition of the hateful slavery, while others were happy to sell their neighbors.

Reducing history to a simple narrative of whites and blacks, men and women, devalues ​​the stories of those who came before us.

But that’s what we expect from the radical left: cheap progress on racial hostility.

“The Queen,” set to hit theaters on September 16, looks more like the racist trash we’ve seen from the left before.

Viewers deserve better.

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