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Why Some Video Game Companies Are Staying Silent on Abortion


Even so, frustration is mounting among employees who want the company to speak up. A recent Kotaku report highlighted the dissatisfaction of ZeniMax Media subsidiary Bethesda and Arkane employees, who called the company’s lack of response “shocking.”

A source at another major Texas-based studio, who requested anonymity in order to speak freely, told Wired, “There is a lot of frustration within correspondents and executives about the lack of public statements, especially for the many jobs in California and Seattle. The room is very loud and clear.” While the company has been willing to talk internally with employees about their concerns, the source continued that it is “extremely vigilant about the Texas state lawsuit and says as little as possible. Offline The chatter is that they’re focused on materially protecting existing employees rather than making public statements.”

For Texas, abortion laws are vague about who might be punished and how. Ordinary citizens have the right to prosecute anyone who “aids and abets” abortion. Uncertainty has even shut down efforts such as an abortion fund as organizers fear legal penalties. It’s hard to see that even well-positioned, well-funded companies fear the power of government officials, the source continued. “For every Gearbox, Arkane, or Id, there are dozens of indie or freelance development teams with little to the same resources,” they said.

Some developers have opted to help employees leave affected states entirely.May, after opinions that would eventually be overturned Roe v Wade Leaked, Certain Affinity founder and CEO Max Hoberman tell the staff The company will help them move to a safer state or province where the company operates. Its headquarters are in Texas. “These are difficult areas to navigate because the state government may decide at some point that by supporting vulnerable employees when needed, we are making a legal mistake,” Hoberman said in a statement to employees. “As shocking and painful as this is, it is a reality and a risk that we must deal with carefully.”

Sources at the major Texas-based studio said that despite any mention of Roe v Wade With official communications excluded, the company has been open to relocation options. But leaving Texas or any other affected state is an imperfect solution at best, another example of the class divisions that have plagued abortion. “‘Going to a safe country’ is essentially a privileged position that only addresses a small number of those affected,” they said.

As government officials seek to expand anti-abortion laws, leaving may not be an option at all. There are only so many safe havens to escape to, especially if access to health care is work-related.

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