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Why Rajendra Kumar was known as the ‘Jubilee Kumar’ of Bollywood, his films ran for at least 25 weeks in theatres


Watching a movie in the cinema today is nothing short of a big deal. With ticket prices skyrocketing, audiences look forward to guaranteed entertainment and a great time at the cinema. Sixty years ago, watching a movie was just as special, albeit for a different reason. Among the limited means of entertainment, spending a day in the cinema is the obvious choice for millions of middle-class Indians. But that doesn’t mean everything is fine on the marquee, and viewers reserve the right to vote with their feet.It was in this era that Rajendra Kumar became midas star touch.

Rajendra Kumar was called “Jubilee Kumar” in the 1960s for a special reason.Today’s audience may not be familiar with ‘Jubilee’ But a movie celebrating its “Jubilee” used to be a big deal in the past. This is a term used for films that run in theaters for 25 weeks. More special is the 50-week run, known as the “Golden Jubilee.” Rajendra Kumar earned himself the nickname “Jubilee Kumar” because for a few years in the 1960s, all his films were “Jubilee”. The producers thought he was lucky and had a knack for picking the right script, as whatever he chose to be involved in was successful in theaters.

He got his first big hit at Mehboob Khan’s indian mom But that film’s success is due to Nargis, and for good reason. Rajendra Kumar’s string of hits began with Dhool Ka Phool in 1959, followed by films such as Gharana, Dil Ek Mandir, Mere Mehboob, Sangam, Ayee Milan Ki Bela, Arzoo, Suraj, Jhuk Gaya Aasmaan, Talash and Ganwaar, making him a One of the most successful actors at the box office.

Rajesh Khanna buys Rajendra Kumar’s bungalow, this is his ‘lucky’ story, he believes it’s as lucky for him as it is for the Sangam star . The famous Rajesh Khanna mansion, which he named Aashirvaad, was formerly owned by Rajendra Kumar and known as “Dimple”. Khanna asked Kumar to sell him the bungalow and Kumar sold it to him, he forbade him to use the name “Dimple” because it was named after his daughter. Khanna was also intrigued by the name “Dimple” as he had just married Dimple Kapadia, but happily agreed to the veteran actor.

Rajendra Kumar cast his son Kumar Gaurav in the film Love Story in his later years. He made several other films, including Mahesh Bhatt’s Naam, which starred Sanjay Dutt and his son. The veteran actor died in his sleep in 1999.

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