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Why Are We All So Obsessed With Celebrity Plastic Surgery?


You scroll on TikTok as much as you do — and have been for the past 45 minutes. When you stumbled across Kendall Jenner’s videos, you’ve watched over a dozen makeup tutorials, Love Island recaps, and videos of cats doing cat things.

But this isn’t a Keeping Up with the Kardashians cut, or even Kendall’s model on the runway. Surgeons are analyzing her face. You watch the doctor tell you what surgery she has or has not had. They’ll tell you she has fillers, Botox, and “secret” rhinoplasty (aka rhinoplasty) on her lips.

Click through to the doctor’s page and suddenly you’re in the world of celebrity plastic surgery videos. Over the past few months, a ton of these videos have popped up on my For You page. The #plasticsurgery hashtag had 13.3 billion views, while the #celebrityface hashtag had 1.6 billion views.

When I typed, “Has Kendall Jenner had plastic surgery?” in my search bar, hundreds of videos appeared. Some from beauty professionals, others from regular users, were tearing down her face. It’s no surprise that these videos mainly analyze women. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Khloe Kardashian and Zendaya are also getting daily facials.

Even teens like Stranger Things’ 18-year-old Millie Bobby Brown are censored on TikTok — though an in-depth blog about her face allows for “the changes people nitpick may just be her growth” and better makeup.

So why are these clips so popular? It could be that celebrities don’t often reveal the work they do – leaving their fans guessing.

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