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Why are Bollywood movies exciting to you? VOTE RIGHT NOW


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What motivates you to watch movies in theatres or press the play button on streaming services?

What draws us to a movie? This is a topic worth thinking about. There are hundreds of films released each year by the Hindi film business, or Bollywood as it is more commonly known. With the introduction of OTT, writers, filmmakers, and performers have also found fresh life, with the opportunity to experiment with genres and formats. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a nation that has spent more than a century growing up in the fun and influential shadow of cinema is today spoiled for choice. Every other week, new movies are released in theatres and on streaming services as humanity begin to recover from the horrors of a global pandemic.

With so many movies available to us constantly, it might be challenging to decide which one to see first. Or perhaps not? Sometimes one just knows that they are going to take the time to watch a movie. Other times, we merely have no interest in seeing another movie. Before we make that decision, there are a few elements of the movie that could help us decide, like:

Songs and trailers
Star Cast Story/Plot VFX

While some people think movie trailers don’t always do the movie justice, others rely on them to decide whether to go to the movies on the weekend. Other times, the songs grow to be so well-known that they draw some people to see it on the big screen as well. The mere suspense in the plot may be the selling point in thrillers and horror movies. On the other hand, devoted admirers of specific celebrities can go see a movie only for the sheer pleasure of seeing their favourite in action. Viewers are drawn in by visual experiences like cutting-edge VFX experimentation.

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