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Who Knew Anna Wintour Moonlights As A Celebrity Matchmaker?


Matchmaker, matchmaker, be a matchmaker for me…

Hmm, have you tried asking Anna Wintour?

In addition to dominating the fashion world, taking the helm Fashion, and organizes the most stylish parties of the year, Queen Contay also has a knack for making friends. We mean that her keen eye and good taste must apply not only to clothing.

Every Page 6Wintour is apparently behind the recently revealed first-line romance between Bradley Cooper and Huma Abedin, the political IT girl and ex-Hillary Clinton staffer, Later became a socialite.

The two have been quietly dating for a few months, and they reportedly arrived together at the Met Gala this May before walking the red carpet separately.

sources told Page 6 That “Anna definitely plays the matchmaker…she’s a good friend of Bradley and adores Huma,” herself credited with sticking to her editor in the midst of estranged husband Anthony Weiner’s public porn scandal.

As for Cooper and Abedin’s budding relationship?

“They are a perfect fit for each other,” a source said. “They are all passionate about power, politics and human affairs.”

But, you know, not Those ones kind of affairs.

Anyway, Anna, if you’re reading this, let me know if you have a single doctor friend…

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