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Oprah Winfreyfather Vernon Winfrey Died at 89 after battling cancer.Oprah’s digital publication confirms his death Oprah Daily On Saturday, July 9, it also includes a statement from the legendary talk show host.

“Less than a week ago, we paid tribute to my dad in his own backyard,” she wrote, referring to the July 4th celebration, which she called “Vernon Winfrey Day of Appreciation.” The gathering was an opportunity for the Nashville community to thank former City Councilman Vernon for his service.

“My Friend and the Gospel Singler Winterley Phipps Tribute to him with singing. He felt the love and reveled in it until he stopped talking,” Oprah said in her statement. “Yesterday, as family gathered around his bed, I had the privilege of witnessing this man responsible for my life, He held his last breath. We could feel peace entered the room when he passed,” she added in her message, which was also posted to Instagram.

“That peace is still there. All is well. Thank you for your prayers and good thoughts,” Oprah concluded. Learn more about her father here.

Vernon shares Oprah with Vinita Lee

late mother of vernon and oprah Vinita Lee never married. Vernita died in 2018 at the age of 83, giving birth to Oprah at the age of 14. “My parents never got married,” Oprah explained in the past.

“They used to have sex. After I was born he got a letter saying ‘Send money. You have a daughter,'” she said, revealing that Vernon never knew if he was actually Oprah’s biological father . “The reason he did it, he said, was because it could have been him. The responsibility he took for me, not just the responsibility, but the care, love, guidance and support as a young teenage girl, was what made me The reason to be who I am now or someone you’ll never hear of,” she added.

Oprah lived with her father between the ages of 7 and 9 and as a teenager.

he was a hairdresser

Vernon has been a hairdresser for over 50 years and owns Winfrey Barber & Beauty Shop in Nashville. At 86 years old — that’s two years ago — he’s still cutting his hair. In 2012, Oprah bought the company her father continued to work for.

Oprah has previously spoken about her experience at Vernon Barbershop and how she sees how so many black men strive to be good fathers and support their families — just like her father. “Men will come in, hard-working men, do what they can in their lives to support their families, sometimes taking two or three jobs to do that,” she said. “So that’s what I know about black fathers — the people I grew up with and the people I know.”

Oprah’s father, Vernon Winfrey. (MediaPunch/Shutterstock)

he’s a city councillor

In addition to being a barber, Vernon also dabbled in politics. In addition to serving as a Trustee of Tennessee State University, he served on the Nashville City Council for 16 years.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper paid tribute to Vernon after his death via Twitter. “My deepest condolences go out to the family of Vernon Winfrey. Vernon served 16 years on Metro Council and devoted his life to entrepreneurship, haircuts and mentoring young people in the community. As a veteran and deacon, he left down a legacy of service,” he wrote.

he is in the army

Vernon served in the U.S. Army in the 1950s—including when Oprah was born on January 29, 1954. Oprah was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi.

Oprah says Vernon ‘saved’ her

Oprah has previously spoken out about living with her father as a teenager, which changed the “course” of her life. “I started showing that I needed attention, I needed to be loved,” she told Washington post 1986. “My mom doesn’t have time. She works as a servant every day. …I’m smart, my mom, because she doesn’t have time for me, I thought, trying to kill it.

Today, she thinks her father “saved” her. “It changed the trajectory of my life. He saved me,” she said. “He just knows what he wants and expects. He won’t take less.”

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