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‘Who is the Oldest Celebrity That You Still Find Attractive?’



we are not on it Objectification is respected in Pajiba, as I am sure many will know. “Sexy” and “beautiful” can be superficial, destructive egos, especially when our society is conceived, and associated with crap like celebrity and capitalism, but – well, I can’t right now Complete this sentence. It’s too early to write this, the only coffee left in my house is thin stuff. It’s not completely useless. It worked to a certain extent. It helps slow signals traverse their way from one neuron to the next. Some street signs started flashing everywhere. Sometimes the outline of the terrain seems to be visible. But much of the city’s grid remains shut down.

Anyway! That said: here’s an interesting Reddit thread that asks the question: “Who’s the oldest celebrity you still find attractive?”, as an odd, perhaps a little disturbing demonstration, Apparently a lot of people consider “old”. You can check out the full thread here, but here are some highlights:

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How about “Boys” and “Ladies”? Marvel” and “Obi-Wan” to compete with the dominant Netflix show? |

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