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When and where Johnny vs Amber: The US Trial documentary will air on OTT and what to expect


‘Johnny vs Amber the US Trial’ is a 2-part docuseries that details two completely contrasting perspectives of the lawsuit that captivated the global imagination like no other in recent history.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s case unfolded in a series of shocking turns and turns, in which the latter repeatedly emerged as the guilty party. Johnny Depp’s public image suffered immensely before his divorce battle was resolved. It took an additional hit when he ended up missing out on or being cut from many Hollywood productions as a result. And yet the battle ended up being very fruitful and unambiguous – as nearly all of the evidence and witnesses supported his account, proving her to be the aggressor, instigator, and simply very vile. If you follow the trial avidly but still can’t get enough of it, then get ready for its documentary on OTT now.

Johnny Vs Amber

The US Trial of Johnny vs Amber airs when and where

Two perspectives of the court case that captured the global imagination like no other in recent memory are presented in Johnny vs Amber the US Trial, a two-part documentary series. Putting the controversial ten-year Hollywood news legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard into perspective, the documentary promises to dive into the accusation of domestic abuse, the public commentary and, after all was said and done, Depp bringing a libel case against News Group Newspapers Ltd after they printed Amber’s version of events without confirming his story. It will be possible to watch the series on Discovery+ in India beginning on the 19th of September.

Johnny Depp has been cleared of all allegations.

Amber’s claim that Johnny was the victim of domestic violence was also supported by audio proof and other testimonies. With more false claims of hers coming forward, support for Johnny grew both inside and outside the courtroom. As a result, any lingering doubts were expelled by the jury’s unanimous verdict in favor of the Pirates of the Caribbean actor, which also ordered the Aquaman actress to pay him $15 million in compensation.

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