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West Hollywood Responds Regarding Block by Block’s Hiring of Shea Gibson


Block by Block – Shea Gibson

On July 7, 2022, WeHoville’s publisher posted a blog post about Block by Block operations manager Shea Gibson convicted in Georgia of intentional manslaughter — a crime dating back 27 years to 1995 year.

Some community members denounced the blog, calling it a racist hit post attacking black people who served him and paid the debt to society. They point to how Mr. Gibson changed his life and became an upstanding citizen serving the city of West Hollywood.

Other community members called for Mr Gibson’s dismissal and questioned Block by Block’s vetting practices for ex-offenders. Commenters on WeHoVille also condemned the vote to increase the council members of the City of West Hollywood Security Ambassador.

During the regular meeting of the West Hollywood City Council on Monday, July 18, 2022, City Manager David Wilson read out a statement from the City of West Hollywood regarding Block by Block’s hiring practices, specifically regarding background checks:

“Community safety is a top priority for the City of New York, and the City takes its judicial obligations seriously to ensure that contract suppliers meet legal requirements and ethical standards. The current two-year contract for Block by Block Safety Ambassador service ends June 6, 2022 Approved. Block by Block selection followed the Request for Proposal process and the Care Evaluation process. The contract will return to the City Council in August and we are considering the August 1st meeting to consider following the City Council’s June 27th direction expansion.”

“Regarding background checks, the block-by-block selection RFP process includes specific requirements to comply with guidelines established by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Block by Block responded in a statement that it does not consider criminal convictions older than seven years, consistent with state law. … The city respects block-by-block compliance with state law in this matter.”

City managers also read an excerpt from Block by Block’s statement on the company’s position on Shea Gibson:

“Mr. Gibson is an excellent and valued member of the Block by Block team. Since joining the company in 2013 as a hotel ambassador for Santa Monica, he has received numerous promotions and continues as Block by Block Partnership Manager in West Hollywood, which It’s a position he’s held since 2019.”

Several community members defended Mr Gibson during public comments at a council meeting. Mayor Lauren Meister, Mayor Pro-Temp Sepi Shyne and council member John Erickson also offered support as council members commented.

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