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We take our own financial decisions: Women celebrities | Gujarati Movie News


The theme for this year’s Women’s Day, which we celebrate on Tuesday, is “Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow”. Even in an age where women continue to excel and even outperform men in every field, preconceived notions don’t go away easily. For example, it is often assumed that women lack financial literacy and need help from their male counterparts in managing their finances. But some women like to take the reins and host the show for themselves. Whether it’s deciding how much to charge for brand endorsements/movies, or where to invest, there are female celebrities leading the way. In the process, they busted the myth of women’s lack of financial literacy, a field considered male-dominated.

Arohi 2

I invest in fixed deposits, mutual funds and SIPs: Aarohi Patel

Aarohi started working at the age of 17. Since then, the Love Ni Bhavai actress has been paying her bills. “I am lucky because my parents trust me so much in my management skills as far as my finances are concerned. I have never asked my parents for pocket money since I was 17. Since I paid the bills, my parents I’ve never been asked how and where I spend my money. When it comes to movies, I decide what I get paid, but I have an agency that decides how much I should charge for my brand endorsements, advertising and social media,” Aarohi Say. “In terms of investing, I put my money in term deposits, mutual funds, SIPs, etc. I invest my money to protect my money,” adds Aarohi.


In my family, women manage and invest in their own
Finance: Netri Trivedi

When she was still in college, Netri often needed help from her parents when she started her career. “Then my parents told me I was the decision maker and I should know my worth. So post that and I started managing my finances and making my own decisions. For events, I had a manager who decided how much I should be charged , but once I get paid, I decide where I should invest,” said the 21 Mu Tiffin actress. “I also invest in mutual funds, SIPs and term deposits. When it comes to spending money for myself, I am the one who makes the decisions. But if I get stuck somewhere, I turn to my mom for help because she is All financial decisions in our family,” Netri said.


I weigh the pros and cons before investing my hard-earned money: Ishani Dave

Ishani believes in the growth of his wealth and decides for himself how and where to invest. “I believe in traditional investment options like term deposits, bonds, and real estate. Such investments lead to smaller but safer returns. I also believe in investing in mutual funds, stocks and cryptocurrencies. This gives me faster returns , but the risks involved are also higher,” Ishani said. The singer also has a financial advisor who can help her decide where to invest and where to grow more. “I weigh the pros and cons before investing because it’s my hard-earned money,” Ishani said.


I believe in investing wisely and increasing my wealth: Bhakti Kubavat

Bhakti, an actress and anchor, says she has been making financial decisions independently since she received her first check for her modeling assignment years ago. “I believe in investing wisely – both in my relationships and in my financial decisions. Whatever I earn, I make sure to invest at least 50% and the remaining 50% for myself, my family and travel. I think it’s important to start investing in your 30s to earn good compound interest. As far as anchoring in Gujarat, I feel like I’m leading the way in terms of pay equity, I tell other women around me Charge what they think is right.”


I take care of my finances but I always discuss it with my parents: Mehr Mahajan

Mehr is an influencer who makes her own decisions when it comes to how much she earns from brand endorsements or any other project. “Mostly, it’s me who decides my investments and compensation, but I don’t get anything done without discussing it with my parents,” Meyer said. While she decides for herself how much to charge for a program, she also gets her parents involved. “I will take care of my finances, especially how much I will charge for any project, but I always discuss it with my parents first, especially my mother. I will not finalize anything without her consent, ‘ said Mel.

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