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Watching YouTube, a 12-year-old makes wine in Kerala


Image Source: Onmanorama

In India, YouTube is a big influence for everyone. The data is cheap so everyone can watch videos there. There are hundreds of YouTube channels with unique content and information over the years. It should be noted that YouTube has its downside too, and there is one such incident which was reported in Kerala.

Twelve-year-old son prepared grape wine and offered it to a friend. The boy who drank the wine felt uneasy and had vomited by the time he finished the whole bottle. As soon as his condition stabilized, he was discharged from the hospital.

After this incident was brought to the attention of the police, they lodged a complaint and explored how the 12-year-old conducted this wine experiment. His parents bought grapes from him, which he used to prepare wine. When he shared, he had never consumed alcohol while he followed a simple procedure he found on YouTube.

The police collected samples of the wine and sent them to a local court for chemical analysis. Furthermore, the police counseled the young man about the legal ramifications of this whole ordeal should the wine contain any substances he wasn’t aware of. It becomes clear with this event that kids have tech literally at their fingertips and that is a concerning situation. Something all parents should teach their children is how to react in these circumstances.

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