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Vogue’s Star-Studded Fashion Show: 7 of the Wildest Looks Worn by Celebrities


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It takes serious star power to stand out in the crowd at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which last night featured nearly every major name in modeling and entertainment. Everyone from Taylor Swift to Karlie Kloss to Anna Kendrick showed up on the runway, but some celebrities really took it one step further with their fashion choices at the event. Click through this slideshow of the seven wildest looks worn by celebrities during Vogue’s star-studded fashion show.

Candice Swanepoel


One of the first celebrities to appear on the Vogue World runway was Candice Swanepoel. A sheer, form-fitting garment made of neon-orange lace was on the model. It featured long sleeves, a high neckline, a matching hood, and an orange fuzz layer that was pleated and cinched at the end of the skirt.

Alaia designed her colourful dress, while Dr. Martens constructed her black footwear.

Kendall Jenner


Then Kendall Jenner took to the runway while still wearing undies. Jenner’s ensemble, which also included a white tank top and a see-through grey mesh dress, was created by Prada.

The model wore leather boots with pockets as shoes.

Bella Hadid


In a crazy, glittering ball gown, Bella Hadid was standing behind her.
Hadid donned a shapeless, sleeveless Balenciaga design with a high-low skirt. Along with being wrinkled from top to bottom was its silver fabric.

Gigi Hadid


With the exception of one striking layer, Gigi Hadid’s attire was basic.
The oldest Hadid sister paraded the runway in Maison Margiela, donning a short, white tank top, plain blue denim, and a flowy dress. The latter appeared to be constructed from mirror-like shards.



But Precious Lee, wearing a golden gown with off-the-shoulder sleeves, brought the drama back.
Zac Posen created the eye-catching gown, which appeared to be comprised of golden netting. It stretched out into a mermaid-style skirt at the bottom and embraced her figure at the top.

Doja Cat

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Attendee Doja Cat was sporting one of her wildest outfits to date. She wore a white crop top that exposed her belly button ring with a stretchy, front-to-back-lengthening skirt. The performer also wore a floor-length coat made of fuzzy material and white boots with black splotches on them.

However, her cosmetics was what caught the most attention. Doja Cat had white lines painted across her face and head, thinly drawn eyebrows, and a brick-red lip liner.

Keke Palmer

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Keke Palmer also sported an eye-catching all-white ensemble. She wore a long-sleeved minidress with crystal embellishments as part of her Valentino ensemble. Additionally, it featured a sheer panel across the chest and a short collar.The actor wore a straightforward pair of kitten heels over white lace stockings to finish the look.

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