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Video: Bollywood star Arjun Rampal talks fame and failure


Indian actor Arjun Rampal has lived in Bollywood for almost 20 years, shooting a string of extraordinary films such as Rock! ! and “Om Shanti Om,” who just recovered from a nasty COVID-19 that nearly “killed him.” But the former model remains one of the most underrated actors in Hindi movies and isn’t indulging in the negatives.

Perhaps it was his brushing on the strain that gave him a sober view of his healthy life and career.

“I’ll never be disappointed in this industry. I owe a lot to the industry and it made me who I am today. It has given me a lot. I’m a guy from a small town and I never thought I’d be in this position. I have the utmost respect for my industry,” Rampal said in an exclusive interview with Gulf News.

His last work with Kangana Ranaut, Dhaakad, flopped at the box office in May, but Rampal didn’t let its hostile box-office reception dampen his spirits.

During the interview, Rampal was in the den at his home in Goa, and the actor stood out despite his tousled hair and a casual white T-shirt.

We can hear his dog barking in the background, which gives us a clue that he doesn’t take fame, fanfare, or the media circus that pays attention to every talent seriously.

“But it’s also a space that costs me a lot,” he said when asked the same question. “It can devour you and completely devour you…and I it’s not just your work aspect, it can devour you on a personal level. So when you’re older and wiser like me, create your own Space is important, you can go there to relax and rejuvenate yourself.”

The 49-year-old actor, who has been in Bollywood for 21 years this year, is chock full of cinematic gems (think “Rajneeti” and “D-Day”) and an impressive array of works (“Housefull” and “D-Day”). ‘The heroine’).

The notorious reclusive genius is taking a self-holiday. He claimed he had a lot to do in his personal life (dealing with divorce and hugging his dad / welcoming kids with his South African girlfriend Gabriella Demetriades), and took this well-planned call to focus on getting his life back to normal. Work has naturally become a victim.

But now he’s making a splash in Bollywood. From working with director Aparna Sen in the thrilling film “The Rapist” to playing the villain in “Dhaakad,” Rampal is ready. Excerpts from our interview with the actor as we talk about the highs and lows of his career…

Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal
Image credit: instagram.com/rampal72

If it makes you happy, I love your performance in Daccad, but it didn’t do well at the box office…

How can I be happy with such a poor reception? It didn’t do well, it’s a well-known fact because audiences didn’t go to the cinema to see it. And, this is the most disappointing part. But now that it’s playing on Zee5, I have hope. It’s such a lovely movie and so different. That’s exactly why I do it.

It has everything from action teams to directing to photography and our performances. Sorry for not receiving good reviews. But I believe that every film has its own destiny, and no matter what is said or done, it will be left to future generations. Once people see it, the movie will get its due.

This movie should never go through what it does, which is disappointing. Honestly, I’ve never seen a situation like this where the audience hasn’t walked into a movie theater yet.I don’t know what it is but hopefully they will watch it on OTT [streaming platform] Everyone gets what they deserve.

Interestingly, an industry insider in the UAE said that South Indian films are doing incredible, but Hindi films are not just cutting it these days. Are Hindi movies struggling, a grim post-COVID reality?

I disagree with this. ‘Bhol Bhulaiyaa [2]’Very well done, it was released on the same day as ‘Dhaakad’. “BB2” does a great job of drawing people into theaters. Maybe, people don’t want to see the violence and action in Daccad. It is difficult to measure and understand the mood or mood of the audience. But I wouldn’t make a movie along those lines.

I make movies because it’s fun for me. Remember, all the movies are coming out so fast on OTT these days, and it’s an expensive outing to go out and watch it in a movie theater. Plus, there’s a corona hangover, people are still afraid to go into public places… Movies like “KGF2”, “RRR”, “The Kashmir Archives” are all out of the park…As filmmakers and actors, we are almost Not knowing what makes people walk into theaters. We need to understand and analyze it.

south indian movies

Snapshots of South Indian Blockbusters ‘Pushpa’, ‘KGF 2’ and ‘RRR’

This must be a scary stage for any actor…

I make movies because I believe in them, and I want those movies to be included in my movies even after I die. I like to mix things up and want to work with a variety of directors and characters. I don’t shy away from anything. I hate being in my comfort zone because that’s where you get complacent.

I’m working on a Telugu movie right now, the first Telugu movie of my career. Also, it will take me out of my comfort zone. I signed on to this movie before “RRR” and “KGF 2” or “Pushpa” came along. I signed this movie before COVID. We were going to start filming, and then COVID happened and everything went haywire. But we’re going to start shooting for it soon… Filmmaking is a field where every day is different and not monotonous. It’s not like your 9-to-5 desk job. Every day is an adventure and a new learning.

Speaking of adventure, your role in Aparna Sen’s “The Rapist” must be a huge one. Is she a master class in filmmaking?

She is such a beautiful woman, I can’t say no to her.

Did you turn a filmmaker like Aparna Sen into a “pretty woman”?

no no. She is a beautiful and beautiful woman. When I met her, she reminded me of my mom, even her looks. But seriously, when I read the script, I was taken aback because as a filmmaker we read about this topic every day, it’s unbelievable. You’ve heard of horrific crimes like rape, so rampant these days, and her take on it is staggering. So she said: “The rape has happened, but what happens after the family posts?”.

Rapists aren’t just rape victims, entire families are raped by events like this… In “The Rapist”, a madly in love couple and a scene like this are a complicated situation [where his wife is raped] occur. They were so understanding that suddenly they became like strangers. There is a lot of pain and hurt. The victim kept asking: “Why me?”.

Handling is very sensitive. But the whole script also has a certain frivolity.

Arjun Rampal in

Arjun Rampal in “The Rapist” by Aparna Sen
Image credit: IMdB

Tell us more about your character…

Aftab faced some conundrums in his life…I loved making that movie, but it cost us a lot. We did workshops and Konkona [Sen Sharma] Whoever plays my wife is such an amazing actor. We don’t know each other, but we have to play a married couple. So we went to these workshops, where we talked about our lives and got to know each other…I’m going to move forward with these processes as an actor, and Aparna Sen taught me how to go through the stages.

Although you are a national award winning Indian actor, you are underrated in Bollywood, we don’t see you…

It’s a choice, and it’s my choice. It has nothing to do with anything else. As a human being, if I just felt something, I would go into my shell, away from everything and everyone.

I’ve had this feeling in the past too. There’s a lot going on in my personal life that needs more attention. I needed to be there, so I consciously didn’t do any acting work. There are movies and there are offers, but I don’t have the mentality to sign a movie. Sometimes, it happens, and then you come back all of a sudden and you want to sign everything that’s happened to me. Then, you work a little too much and want to take a break. This is how I operate.

Arjun Rampal with his girlfriend and son

Arjun Rampal with his girlfriend and son
Image source: provided

So you’re a feast or fast person…

No plans made me decide to make three or four films a year. I didn’t plan my career in these areas. I always go with my gut…but what happens in the movies, no one knows. But I am happy with the job I have chosen for the past two years. I’ve explored the dark side with “The Rapist,” and I’m working on films like Abbas Mustang’s “The Attic” and “The Battle of Bima Kregan.” I’m also working on the first Telugu film of my career and a web series called “The London Archives”. Work is just crazy. When I decide to work, I start working.

I’ve never portrayed you in the Abbas Mustang movie famous for its thrillers…

I’ve always wanted to make a movie with them…I was supposed to be part of their movie “Humraaz” but I said no and after that I started to blame myself and wonder why [expletive] Did I reject them? …I should do Akshaye’s [Khanna] Role. ‘

“The Loft” Has Bobby [Deol]Salman [Joshi] and Cyrus [Broacha] inside. It’s about these people who go through a midlife crisis and decide to do all the naughty things…I’ve done serious movies and this has become my comfort zone. So I was bored and wanted a change.


Arjun Rampal
Image source: IANS

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