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Video appears to show LAPD officer kicking handcuffed man in head during Hollywood arrest – Daily News


The Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a holiday weekend use of force captured on cellphone video that appears to show an officer confronting the head of a handcuffed, leg-constrained black man on a busy Hollywood street conflict.

A Westminster woman, who asked to be identified only because of fear of reprisals, filmed part of the incident in the 1600 block of Cahuenga Boulevard on Sunday, July 3. On Friday, she provided the Southern California News Corporation with a copy of an eight-minute profane video.

“You see something like this on TV, but when you actually see it live in front of you, it’s really painful because there’s nothing you can do about it,” Camilla said.

The incident began around 7:15 p.m. when police responded to a report of a battery suspect at a marijuana dispensary.

“Several separate incidents of use of force occurred while the suspect was in custody,” Los Angeles Police Department spokesman Officer Drake Madison said in a statement. When the suspect was rescued from the police, he was involved. Force was also used against that suspect. All use of force against the suspect was reported as required.”

A bystander provided cellphone video of part of the incident that “shows what may be an officer’s boot hitting the suspect’s head,” Madison said.

“The incident was reported using force and the department is following appropriate protocols and investigating,” the statement said.

The LAPD has not identified the male officer or said if he is on leave. In addition, the department did not name the suspect or disclose any potential charges he could face.

In 2021, there were 2,261 incidents of use of force in the LAPD, compared with 2,201 in 2020, according to the department. Statistics on the use of force so far this year are not immediately available.

stumbled upon the commotion

Camilla said she stumbled upon the Hollywood event. She and her friends were driving to a human rights vigil on Sunset Boulevard when the crowd suddenly heard sirens blaring.

“It’s not far from where we’re going, and we were curious if it had anything to do with the vigil,” Camilla said.

The group stopped, walked for a few minutes, and stopped where the siren was heard. There, they found a parked ambulance and the street was surrounded by many police cars and more than 20 spectators on the sidewalk, Camilla said.

Her video begins with six LAPD officers gathered around a marked police car. About 90 seconds later, officers can be seen pulling the burly, bearded suspect from the back seat of the car, placing him on the street and trying to use leg restraints.

The man appeared to resist and appeared to yell at police, but it’s not clear from the video what exactly he said.

At 3:11 of the video, an officer tried unsuccessfully to pull the suspect off the street, then stomped his right foot on the man’s face.

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