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Urfi Javed takes her shirt off, then pretends to cover her breasts with her hair; looks like Cousin Itt from The Adams Family {pics below}:

Bollywood leaks

Urfi Javed making headlines for her unconventional style game and leaving little to people’s imagination has now become a regular occurrence. This attention-seeking starlet’s nudity stunt has succeeded once again by exposing her breasts concealed by her hair.

Urfi Javed went topless, again.

The eccentric clothing that Urfi Javed chooses to wear on national TV is something that has drawn mixed reviews from both people who love her fashion sense and those who think it’s just weird. What is up with Urfi Javed and her freaky costumes? She gets into the headlines a lot, whether it be for her fashion sense that often reveals way too much or, more recently, her copycat impression of Cousin Itt from The Adams Family. Below are some pictures of her.

When Uorfi Javed does it, she does it how she likes it.

No matter what you say, you have to give Uorfi Javed credit for never holding back.

Urfi’s lustrous locks

She’s sometimes less thought of for her hair which reaches past her waist, overshadowed by her revealing outfits and/or unusual fashion sense.

She wears a nosering, it would seem.

That nostril piercing definitely brings another dynamic to the pictures she posted.

Urfi Javed’s latest photos

Don’t admit it publicly, but we all take the time daily to examine and discuss Urfi Javed‘s pictures.

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