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Urfi Javed Goes Topless In Latest Pictures, Netizens Go ‘Yuck’

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Urfi Javed is back, and this time again she is under fire for the provocative dress that only partially covers her torso, but exposes her upper thighs.

Urfi Javed gets slut shamed for going topless in her latest appearance
This time again, Urfi Javed is receiving hate for a dress she wore which showed her only her n*p while showing her sexy boob. The author was lambasted and she wrote: Kothe ki ladkiya bhi aise khol ke nahi diktati

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Urfi Javed asked why she wore such outfits that could not even be considered an outfit
The beautiful looking girl, who is praised for her outfit coordination, was mocked by people on the internet and was asked, ‘Why do you always wear such strange outfits?’ Does her height affect the length of her clothes?


Urfi Javed flaunts her hot body in her latest appearance, sparking wild reaction from netizens
Urfi Javed showed off her amazingly hot body in a revealing outfit, and people aren’t having it. Most people agree that she could have chosen better clothing choices, but she’s had enough abuse.


After Chahatt Khanna slammed Urfi Javed wearing a bizarre outfit, they got into a fight
She is a force to be reckoned with according to Urfi Javed because no one can stop her from wearing what she wants, and if they do, she gets into a nasty fight with them as evidenced in her recent fight with TV actress Chahatt Khanna.

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Netizens say Urfi Javed goes bold but doesn’t look beautiful
She is frequently criticized for her decision to use colour, and again, this time the netizens say she can be brave but never look beautiful. Is Urfi ever going to stop getting trolled?

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