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Uorfi Javed is called “Mosquito Coil Ki Brand Ambassador” for dancing in a wire bralette; she gets Trolled for wearing one.


Uorfi Javed has once again become a target of trolls after sharing a video of herself wearing a pink bralette made of wire. Netizens dropped some nasty comments and have compared her with mosquito coil selling brand ambassador. In the video, Uorfi could be seen wearing a lingerie outfit and dancing on the ramp. The outfit was just like the mosquito coil which causes many allergic problems and makes breathing difficult, people commented that she would be called as the new brand ambassador of Mosquito Coil.

Uorfi Javed’s pink Dress

Image Credit – Report Wire

A lot of people have taken a liking to Uorfi Javed due to her out-of-the-box style. She has worn everything from a glass gown to a blade dress. She loves experimenting with clothes and considers herself a designer. She has even created a bag from a rucksack and a bikini top from seashells. Now, here she is wearing a bralette made from pink wire. Recently, Urfi can be seen dancing while wearing a braalette and low-waist jeans.

Urfi Javed’s new fashion outing

People started trolling her hard after she shared the video on social media. They called her the brand ambassador for a mosquito coil and compared the design to a jalebi. She appeared to have impressed some of them with her fashion sense. You may also want to check out the following video and these reactions.

Image Credit – Bollywood Life

The trolls have targeted Urfi Javed several times in the past. The actress has been bullied constantly on social media, especially on body-shaming and slut-shaming platforms. Sometimes Uorfi does it too, sometimes he mocks them back. In one of the posts on social media, she has expressed her angst and writte, “The constant bullying, trolling sometimes makes me go crazy. I cry, I cry a lot but I guess life goes on. You just gotta do you, those who don’t understand you shouldn’t even matter! Usually I’m ok but today is a very rare day where I feel like giving up. It does get me at times! The hate, the abuses, the trolls, the bullying, the rape threats, death threats, what not (sic).”

She was in Bigg Boss OTT and since then, she has become famous!

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