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Uorfi Javed is a breath of fresh air in heart-shaped top and mini skirt


Hot, looking just a little too slutty, Urfi Javed modeled the top and short skirt which spelled ‘HELL’ across her torso. Check her out.

Urfi Javed’s risque style turns heads


It’s no secret that Urfi Javed experiments with her looks, and yet again she’s showing off her risque side with her clothing. She made many heads turn wearing a broken heart-shaped latex top and short skirt to showcase her hot body. Take a peek.


Urfi Javed looked resplendent in red.
She wore a backless broken heart-shaped top that caught everyone’s attention in this red latex outfit.


Urfi Javed shows off her bare back

Urfi Javed was photographed brazenly showing off her bare back to the paparazzi and it was enough to melt anyone watching with her hotness. She looked so bold and so confident.


The online bully Urfi Javed is a frequent target.

A number of netizens trolled Urfi Javed for her new backless outfit. They commented that rather than backless, it was shameless. It was criticized that she showed off too much skin.

टाइम्स नाउ नवभारत

Trolls don’t bother Urfi Javed

Urfi Javed doesn’t pay attention to what people think of her. And instead of following society’s norms, she continues to dress how she wants.

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