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Unleash the Power of Your iPhone’s Hidden Trackpad: Here’s How It Works


There could be a much easier way to move your iPhone’s cursor when you write.

Typing on the iPhone or iPad has become a debate among most. It’s no coincidence that each new update to iOS releases had made exaggerated claims about the ruined typing on the iPhone.

One of the most frequent mistakes iPhone users make while typing is moving the cursor to the correct location. The conventional way of bringing up a magnifying bubble on the screen by tapping and holding can be frustrating when the cursor doesn’t move in the right direction.

Thankfully, there is another way to move the cursor when typing in iOS, and it will work even if you are running an older version like iOS 15. Read on to learn how to access and use the hidden trackpad on your iPhone.

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How to use a secret trackpad on an iPhone or iPad

Follow these steps to discover the hidden trackpad on an iOS device.

  1. Press and hold down the space key until the keyboard goes blank anywhere you’ve written a block of text. After a moment, you should feel haptic feedback and see the cursor enlarge, indicating that the keyboard now functions as a trackpad.
  1. While still pressing your finger down, move it around the entire keyboard to move your cursor, just like you would on your Mac’s trackpad.
  1. To place the cursor, simply stop touching the screen. Once your changes are complete, then you can use one of the other keys on the keyboard, such as the delete key, to make any other edits in the text. If you want to move the cursor again, press down on the space key to use the hidden trackpad.

Below is a video of the hidden feature in action.

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