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Top Hollywood News of the Week: Depp Sells Mansion, BTS’ Military Enlistment and More

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Among the top Hollywood News Weekly stories: Johnny Depp’s Queensland mansion sold for 27 times its original price, and BTS to join the military

Hollywood has had a bit of an eventful week. It all started when Johnny Depp sold the Queensland mansion. Both the debate of whether or not BTS members would go into military service and the large party at Jimin’s dad’s cafe, Magnate in Busan, were popular news.

A whopping price was paid for Johnny Depp’s Queensland mansion

The lavish Queensland mansion of Johnny Depp, that was originally purchased for Rs 12 crores was just sold for Rs 330 crores, which is 27x the amount invested in it. Apparently, this is the same place the cops found a severed finger of Johnny Depp after Amber Heard supposedly threw a bottle at him during a dispute. Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial captured the imagination of everyone.
A soon-to-be military member will join BTS

Officials have stated that it is highly desirable that BTS fulfill its military obligations. BTS fans know that military enlistment is inevitable. The two sides seem to be on the verge of reaching an agreement.

An alleged sexual abuse incident in Paris Hilton’s school is revealed

In an interview, Paris Hilton talks about the Provo Canyon School where she allegedly suffered sexual abuse. The complainant alleges that as a student, the people in power would beckon her into a room in the wee hours of the morning. Once in the room, they inserted fingers into her. This assault still troubles her to this day.

While filming Titanic, Kate Winslet revealed she flashed Leonardo DiCaprio

A recent interview revealed that Kate Winslet was the one who broke the ice during the Titanic production between Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet. As he said, it was the scene where she was completely naked in front of a handsome actor that helped break the ice. Kate told us that they were friends during the filming of the epic movie.

BTS fans flock Magnate on Jimin’s birthday

Jimin’s family had a spectacular birthday party because BTS ARMY came to support their idol, even at his dad’s Magnate. His dad, Park Hyun-soo made the night special by gifting Chimmy a delicious sandwich and treating us so nicely.

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