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This week’s must-see celebrity looks embraced the memorable and meaningful


Reese Witherspoon in a playful pink Emilia Wickstead dress.

Charles Sykes

Reese Witherspoon in a playful pink Emilia Wickstead dress.

From lavish fashion shows in Rome and Sicily to the stands at Wimbledon, this week’s celebrity looks are full of memorable and meaningful touches. Below are our standout ensembles from the past 7 days.

Best Wimbledon Pigeon

We’ve been fighting against the old Wimbledon dress code that states players must wear all white, coupled with strict rules around toilet breaks, players take precautions to ensure they don’t menstruate while the event is in progress. But this Wimbledon white ball from Lucy Boynton is a look we can get behind.

I describe it as a classic-chic Chanel with a twist—a red tote shaped like a tennis racket. In my fantasy world, red leather is a poignant political statement about menstrual blood.

Other subtle details that are not controversial are the black bow tie and pearl shoulder details. – Rebecca Weddy

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Best Text Accessory

This week I read about the sheer absurdity of Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda show, the most extravagant fashion show in the world, and had a lot of fun with it. This year marks the tenth anniversary of the event, which means the four-day celebration is even more refined, with quirky looks on and off the runway.

My favorite, though, is the same restrained cream ensemble that Sharon Stone wore at Alta Gioielleria [high jewellery] introduce. She looked incredible in a white corset and slightly flared silk trousers, subtly leaning against the most Sicilian backdrop, with a white stone face.

Celebrities are often outraged at the undue attention they get and their desire for privacy, but it doesn’t seem Stone — earlier in the festivities, “she spent seven minutes posing on the railing for a bunch of iPhones.”

Coolest “Barbie Core”

I figured I could sit and stare at Karen Pittman’s Balenciaga blazer for hours and find another detail to admire—the stylish equivalent of NASA’s psychedelic cosmic imagery.

This oversized jacket comes from the Albright Fashion Library, which houses an incredible archive of impeccable designer fashions, and gives an ’80s-inspired look to every celebrity in a whole new way All seem to be doing the pink “Barbie core” trend. It’s a styled ensemble, from jackets to sexy silk petticoats and strappy heels. – Zoe Walker Ava

most allie woods

Speaking of pink… Elle Woods of Reese Witherspoon aka Legally Blonde apparently got a pass to wear as much pink as she can for the rest of her life.

She was at the same event as Karen Pittman (the premiere of Where the Lobster Sings, co-produced by Reese), wearing New Zealand-born designer Emilia Wickstead. Wickstead)’s sexy cocktail dress has a fuchsia moment of its own.

It’s fun, and very much in line with “Brand Reese” – while also reminding people that Margot Robbie’s Barbie isn’t the only pink icon out there, with Legally Blonde 3 coming soon. “Whoever says orange is the new pink is seriously disturbed.” – ZWA

The most meaningful haute couture home

From attending local designers Emma Jing and Taylor Groves’ fashion show in Auckland a few weeks ago, to walking the Valentino Fall 2022 show in Rome, New Zealand model Holly Rose Emery looked stunning in a teal gown with feathered “wings” Go down the Spanish Steps like an angel.

In a post on her Instagram on Sunday, Holly emotionally described the experience as a complete moment in her career: “Nine years ago, when I first went to the Valentino Haute Couture show, my body was as big as it is now. Not the same, a body that isn’t shown very often on a fashion show…Fashion can feel trivial at times, but I know that if 16-year-old Holly could see herself now, she’d find that her worst fears can actually be Accept and celebrate.”

It’s heartwarming to see supportive comments from other big New Zealand names in fashion. – Laura Daly

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