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This Band Wrote the Best ‘Legend of Zelda’ Song of 2022


horse jumper Love is a rock band from Boston that makes the kind of music you might want to play in a hyperbaric chamber if you’ve been in a hyperbaric chamber for a while and really want to experience the experience. One of their best tracks is 2019’s “DIRT,” which is built around a raspy guitar riff and the phrase “And dirt and juice/I mix the two together.” I don’t know what that means. I’m not sure I should do this. The weird slow-core recipe for their new album, natural partfilled with equally confusing songwriting.

in a recent interview faderThe band’s lead singer, Jordan Darville of Dimitri Giannopoulos, explained the album’s title track, saying, “The tone of the guitar always reminds me of playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Again, inexplicable, but feels like a curious glimpse into their process. Is that the crux of this great band’s alchemy? Video game music?

Giannopoulos and HJOL bassist John Margaris are in bed in a nondescript hotel chain somewhere in the South, trying to explain themselves over Zoom. They all have beautiful long hair and easy smiles. (Margaris also has a bushy moustache.) They were both keen to talk about game music.

For Giannopoulos, it all started with his classics around the age of 8: Tony Hawk’s Professional Skater. Giannopoulos says it’s not a mallpunk song melamine Best known for AC/DC’s “TNT”, closed THPS4he liked it so much that he asked his mother to take him to the CD store to buy high pressure. “My childhood playing video games probably started my music career,” he said. “Without AC/DC high pressure I’m not into rock and roll. “

For Margaris it is N64 Mario 64 and Mario Party 3. “You don’t realize you’re listening to almost fusion music. To be able to listen to something over and over without getting bored — that’s a new experience.” Score writers “With such limited technology, they were able to do It’s crazy.” This reminds Giannopoulos of a favorite meme about underwater levels Donkey KongOverjoyed at the thought, he explained, “The guy who was hired to write the score for Gorilla Swim accidentally wrote the best ambient album ever written.” How confusing are the musical cues in the changing scene. “They’re huge mood changers,” Margaris said, echoing his band’s stellar performance, intentionally or not.

They both grew up in Boston and fondly recall the days of “split screen hang up,” playing games golden eye In a friend’s basement and living room. Now, it’s a big part of their shared musical language. “I don’t know much about music theory,” Giannopoulos said, “but I do know a lot about pop culture. Straight to the point, I’d say, “John, make a bass line that sounds like it.” [insert something from their youth]. There’s also an Instagram account liked by Giannopoulos, which posts songs from “very weird and rare Japanese video games in the 90s, lots of cool crazy acid house music or rave music, some of which are madly Good,” said Janopoulos. He kept sending them to Margalis. To sum up Margalis: “They are evil bizarre. “

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