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There’s A Tesla Clone That’s Only $26,000 – Here’s What You Need To Know!


One of China’s top car companies recently unveiled an EV that looks just like the Tesla Model 3 but costs less than half as much and is already a bestseller.

There’s a new electric vehicle from a Chinese manufacturer that looks like the Tesla Model 3 but costs nearly half as much. Alongside the Model Y, the Model 3 is one of Tesla’s best-selling products that, when first offered, cost $35,000 but now, following multiple price increases, sells for much more. Partly as a result of its relatively low price tag, it is Tesla’s most popular vehicle. The demand was so great that Tesla stopped taking Model 3 Long Range reservations last month.

More than 936,000 Tesla vehicles were sold last year, and more than 250,000 were sold during Q2. The growing popularity of Tesla vehicles is not just a North American phenomenon. Last month, Elon Musk confirmed Tesla’s ramp-up of production on the Model Y RHD in order to satisfy the high demand from markets like Australia and Japan in order to showcase the vast popularity of Tesla vehicles around the world.

Electrek’s report indicates that a state-owned Chinese car company called Changan Automobile launched a new electric car with a remarkably similar exterior to the Tesla Model 3. Calling it the Shenlan SL03, it’s just like the Tesla Model 3 in a lot of ways. For starters, both are luxury cars of the same size and they have nearly the same exterior design and interior design. Other than price, it’s a more attractive model than the Tesla Model 3. The Shenlan SL03 reportedly costs just $183,900 (26,000 yuan), significantly cheaper than the Model 3’s starting price of $279,900 ($40,000).

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Tesla Model 3 clone at an affordable price
The SL03’s wheelbase, width, and height are all the same as the Model 3, according to the report. A large horizontal display in the center dominates the Model 3’s minimalist interior. Additionally, the interface for the car’s software was reported to be strikingly similar to that of Tesla’s. As well, Shenlan SL03 offers customers the option to buy either a battery that is expected to run for up to 515 kilometers (320 miles) on one charge or for up to 705 kilometers (438 miles) with the other battery option.

A report from Venture Beat said that the SL03, previously rumored to be a knockoff from an unknown and unreliable company, has been produced with partnership from Huawei and CATL. These are both one of Tesla’s major suppliers. With 15,000 reservations in just a few hours after launch, the Shenlan SL03 has already proven popular among Chinese buyers. The company plans to deliver the clone of Tesla Model 3 to the buyers by the end of the year.

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