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The Top Six Midriff-Baring Megastars



In the midst of a record heat wave, the Strawberry Music Festival was held in Chengdu, China, last weekend. Although they wore numerous UV-protecting hats of the bucket and cowboy varieties, participants nevertheless dressed to the nines despite the intense sun. A single memorable moment? A festival-goer with an exposed midriff and a colorful, rave-ready belt, ala Carrie Bradshaw.

The two-day event also included a stellar lineup of performers well-known in China and beyond, including Wu Tiao Ren (one of China’s most well-known folk bands), Mao Buyi, a nursing student turned pop star who was dubbed a “accidental megastar” by one outlet, and the rock group Jiu Lian Zhen, which is gaining notoriety for writing songs in the more local Hakka dialect rather than the more common Mandarin.

It’s not unusual to see a roster that represents the youthful vigour and diversity of underrepresented China. In 2009, the first Strawberry Music Festival took place at Beijing’s Tongzhou Canal Park, including some of the most innovative artists in China at the time. In 35 cities around China, there have been more than 118 Strawberry Music Festivals since the first one. Over the past 14 years, more than 6.5 million people have attended.

And while the Strawberry Music Festival’s primary focus was on music, it also unintentionally provided an eye-opening look at the status of fashion in China and the surrounding regions. The most notable outfits during the festival avoided logo-heavy maximalism and tended to favour subdued, desert-ready attire. A lot of cowboy-inspired options, like ten-gallon hats and boots fit for the ranch, were also on exhibit at the festival, so perhaps festival-goers in China’s summer are enamoured with the fashion of hot, arid places.

There were also many references to aughts fashion, such as loose-fitting, ankle-length skirts that recalled the worst of the mid-aughts era. Additionally, you could see crochet bra tops, baggy cargo pants, and belt buckles with stones. The entire situation seems to portend an upcoming wave of Diesel-inspired aesthetics, harkening back to that time from 2007 to 2009 when everyone wore rock-band groupies as their go-to look.

In other words, the celebration of music also included a celebration of unique fashion. Here are a few of the Strawberry Music Festival’s greatest outfits.

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