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The Top Black Nail Polishes for Chip-Free and Long-Lasting Manicures



Black nail polish is necessary in every at-home manicure collection, just as a little black dress is required in every wardrobe. The bold, chic, and elegant appearance of nails is instantly changed by the deep, inky hue. Like an LBD, black nail polish goes with everything, including everyday outfits, edgy makeup looks, and a variety of accessories.

On the surface, all black nail polish may appear to be the same, but trust us when we say that not all formulas are created equal. What then distinguishes a notable black polish? In addition, it must apply smoothly and evenly without leaving any streaks, be opaque in one to two coats, and not be prone to chipping.

We researched the best black nail polish available to find the lacquers deserving of praise. We also sought the advice of subject-matter experts from the industry. Ultimately, each polish was chosen for its durability, vibrant colour, and benefit to the nails. Due to its glossy finish and chip-proof formula, OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx won the prize for being our favorite black nail polish.

The best black nail polishes of 2022 are listed below if you’re ready to upgrade your manicure or pedicure.

Best Overall: OPI Nail Lacquer in Black Onyx


This nail polish has more than 7,500 five-star reviews on Amazon for a reason: With a jet-black colour that doesn’t change to violet or navy under bright light, it is as traditional as they come. This nail polish only needs two coats for a gorgeous finish due to the rich, dark colour and superior formula.

This lacquer stands out in particular for having a mildly thick formula that gives the paint an almost gel-like appearance. When used for pedicures, the durable polish adheres to nails and rarely chips. Use a clear top coat to preserve the inky black hue of this polish to get the most out of it.

Apply two drops of OPI DripDry Lacquer Drying Drops if you want to go one step further and make sure they stay smudge-free.

The included brush is a bit thick and can result in a messy application if you have small nail beds, despite the fact that there are many other aspects of this lacquer that we love.

Best Value: LeChat Nails Dare to Wear Nail Lacquer in Black Velvet


When it comes to perfecting the dark mani, celebrity nail artist Elle Gerstein recommends this drugstore product without reservation. She tells InStyle, “I like it because it’s solid and ultra-glossy.” It’s even possible to get away with applying one coat. If you’re still not persuaded, consider that Gerstein gave Blake Lively a stunning black manicure for the A Simple Favor movie premiere using this polish. Syreeta Aaron, a licenced professional nail technician and Le Chat Nails educator, calls this polish “the perfect creamy, classic black.”

This polish’s stunning opaque colour is one of its main selling points. The highly pigmented and vibrant formula makes an excellent foundation for glitter, nail art, and even nail stickers. Since you won’t need any more, feel free to use one to two coats. Keep it simple with just one swipe because the more you add, the more likely it is to chip.

Best Splurge: Mischo Beauty Nail Lacquer in Run The World


Let us introduce you to Mischo if you’re looking for a line of high-end nail polishes that are well worth the money. The beauty company, which was founded by a Black woman, creates polishes free of toxins, protecting your nails from dangerous substances. Our favourite polish in the collection is Run the World, which is a bright, glossy, pitch-black colour. We adore how easily it can be built up; you can add as many layers as you like without having to worry about it becoming goopy.

Applying a base coat to clean nails is advised for the best results. Run the World will ensure a seriously shiny finish, so apply three coats of it after that, followed by one coat of top coat. Your manicure will then remain chip-resistant for up to seven days.

Best Glossy Finish: Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro in Fade to Black


PSA: You can get a gel-finish manicure at home without having to visit a nail salon or deal with DIY UV light kits. Fade to Black Deborah Lippman Gel Lab Pro Nail Color maintains its shine and resistance to chips for days, just like gel, with no harm to the nails. In addition, the mixture contains elements that strengthen and condition nails, such as biotin, primrose oil, and green tea extract. For an especially smooth finish, silk fibres are even used in its construction. Oh, and did we mention that you can remove this lacquer without wrapping your nails in cotton balls soaked in acetone by using regular nail polish remover?

The Deborah Lippmann line, which bears the name of one of the most well-known celebrity manicurists in the business, is renowned for its long-lasting formulas and skin-friendly ingredients, which explains why this inky black gel polish made it onto our list. With Fade to Black, you can be sure to get only the best: vibrant colour, a secure formula, and a full coverage finish.

Best Matte: Chanel Boy De Chanel Nail Color in 404 Black


Weary of the same old nail appearance? Time to experiment with matte polish. Our preferred matte nail lacquer is a Chanel product, so yes, it is pricey but worthwhile. With a built-in oversize brush applicator that guarantees a streak-free finish, the Boy de Chanel Nail Color in 404 Black is as sophisticated as they come.

Remember that you shouldn’t use a top coat if you want to maintain the striking matte finish. Additionally, applying this polish directly to the nail is advised (no base coat needed). Use it to create eye-catching matte nail art for a pro tip.

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