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The Top 4 iPhone Tips Every Senior Needs To Know Now


We shouldn’t only associate iPhones with a younger audience. Some seniors are making and buying these products as well. Apart from that: there are a number of iPhone apps and settings which can be especially useful to the older generation. The difficultly is, as always, choosing the right settings and knowing how to fully leverage your phone to its fullest potential. Phil Vam from iphone-Geeks has these four iPhone tips that experts insist on.

Voice dialing is now enabled
If you, or someone you know, have lost their eyesight, enabling the voice dial option on their iPhone can really help senior citizens. By using Siri (the iPhone’s virtual assistant), you can quickly call anyone from your contact book, Vam said. that’s particularly helpful while driving a car, cooking, or performing any other tasks that prevents you from being able to use the touchscreen on your phone.

Register a Medical ID
if you don’t want a future call for emergency help to feel futile, now’s the time to download a Medical ID to your iPhone. That way, first responders can easily find important information like allergies and medications – everything that can come in handy when responding to a call. I’m thankful I did this and I hope you will be, too.

The hearing aid mode should be enabled
In addition to helping people with low vision, the enabling Hearing Aid Mode can also create a whole new experience for seniors who wear hearing aids, such as increased clarity of sound. If you have hearing problems and have to wear a hearing aid, you will probably find that this feature is incredibly helpful.

Enable LED Flash Notifications
LED Flash alerts is a handy option that helps you spot incoming calls, messages, and notification messages easily, Vam says. I think this feature is especially useful for people who are hearing impaired or who are otherwise struggling with their vision. If I were not using this option, I would undoubtedly miss out on hundreds of important calls and notifications. As a senior myself, or if you’re someone who knows a senior, you may find these tips useful in maximizing what your iPhone has to offer.

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