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The Top 3 Haircuts That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger



Despite the fact that ageing is natural, attractive, and something to be proud of, some haircuts can make us appear older than we are and fail to frame our features as well as others. In order to retain a young appearance or just to have a fashionable haircut for fall, we consulted professional hair stylists and hair experts for three haircut suggestions to avoid! Continue reading for advice and insight from Gina Rivera, a famous hair stylist and the creator of Phenix Salon Suites, as well as Ghanima Abdullah, a hair specialist and cosmetologist at The Right Hairstyles.

Thick, Blunt Bangs


While some may find this fringe style to be daring and edgy, Abdullah cautions that it can age you by emphasizing wrinkles rather than framing your face or highlighting your cheekbones like other haircuts can. She advises against having bangs that are “thick, blunt, and come past the eyebrows on a blunt lob” since they “highlight every symptom of age in the face and don’t frame the face nicely.” Instead, “they push all the attention to the eyes, with all their lines,” she emphasizes.

Instead, Try Curtain Bangs


She suggests curtain bangs as an alternative to this “popular, yet unattractive appearance.” She says, “These perfectly frame the face and flatter just about any face at any age while deflecting attention from major ageing indications. Abdullah points out that curtain bangs are a particular style of fringe cut that produces a gentle, natural-looking wave at the top of the head, as seen on Kirsten Dunst in this photo. They “look amazing on mature ladies” because they “make your face appear smaller and leaner when they come down to cheek level,” she continues. “They are generally used to frame the face and specifically, to give it a young aspect.”

Spiky Pixie

PC–The Right Hairstyles

A Halle Berry-inspired cut can really accentuate your attractive features, but Abdullah advises against style it so sharply that it draws attention to your scalp or any thinning hair. She cautions, “the spikes produce equal areas of vacant scalp. This is a terrific way to show everyone just how much you’re lacking up there.”

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