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‘The Simpsons,’ ‘Family Guy’ Union Voluntary Recognized – The Hollywood Reporter


Production and IT staff The Simpsons, family portrait and American Dad! Those trying to join the union have received voluntary approval from management, according to the Animation Association.

According to a union spokesman, TAG representative Steve Kaplan signed three voluntary endorsement agreements on Friday, and card checks by an independent arbitrator will take place soon. Ultimately, production assistants, production coordinators, production managers, IT technicians, office managers, and supervisors were included in the union’s bargaining unit for three shows, excluding the co-producers that TAG had initially tried to incorporate into the group. The organization of the 20th TV animation program marked the first time TAG has attempted to organize IT workers into collective bargaining.

Prior to this special organizing event, TAG had already represented workers in other roles at all three shows. hollywood reporter Contact all three shows and 20th TV animation for comment; representative The Simpsons Indicates that the show has no reviews.

When TAG announced its union work at three shows in early June, IATSE-affiliated unions were submitting union election applications to the National Labor Relations Board. (The voluntary admission bypassed the NLRB election process.) In a statement in early June, American Dad! Jason Jones, director of animation and timing production, noted that many of the animation show’s producers are not unionized, unlike many of their colleagues: “Those of us who have been in animation for many years are proud to know that we are an integral part of working with us Together, the artists we’ve collaborated have witnessed the longevity and evolution of our show.” He added, “Even with the same tight deadlines and the same length of work, we [are aware] We have different basic protections from the artists we spend time with. We deserve the same respect and dignity as union-protected workers. “

TAG has been working hard to organize production workers – including production managers, production coordinators, production assistants and screenwriter assistants – especially since the beginning of the year.before organizing drives The Simpsons, family portrait and American Dad! , Production workers allied with TAG this year rick and morty and Solar Opposite At Studios Titmouse LA, Titmouse New York and ShadowMachine.

In an interview in June ECG Regarding the union’s recent organizing push, TAG organizer Ben Speight said the idea of ​​bringing production workers into the union “doesn’t give much of a boost to artists, mostly”. He added: “Many of the production crews that are being organised now either have an artistic background or have a strong passion for animation itself. So in many social and cultural aspects, they are in the same community as those who happen to play the role of the artist. “

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