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‘The Quarry’ Blurs the Line Between Video Games and Cinema


when new trailer Avatar: The Way of Water— the next entry in James Cameron’s CGI-heavy film series — came out, and many viewers thought the video was like a video game.as a compliment or In a derogatory sense, this comparison is a bit exaggerated. However, it also marks an overlap between the video game and film industries, which increasingly share technical, narrative and visual approaches.

Multiscreen screens are flooded with game-like imagery these days – there are exceptions, but whether you’re watching an explosive action movie or a well-paced drama, there’s a green-screen unreality to it.Other ideas are also free to spread in various media: games and movies both set their watches to matrix– stylized “bullet time” effect; both forms shake their cameras Byrne; A masterful filmmaker like Brian De Palma marvels at how subtly some games repurpose the cinema’s roaming, first-person footage.

And in a more recent development, high-profile games now often feature portraits of film and TV stars captured through performances. That last bit isn’t surprising, since it was predicted long ago — kind of like.in the October 1982 issue video game illustrationone will find a vaguely manic title “Robert Redford Video Games”, and an exhortation: “Don’t laugh, as more studios enter the video game circle, we may also see a .”

smash cut to quarry, the latest horror adventure game from British developer Supermassive Games, or the latest movie-obsessed boxer over the ropes. Granted, Supermassive isn’t a movie studio — nor is it clearly affiliated with one — but it does focus on horror games with obvious cinematic ambitions. quarry As such, it’s an interactive movie with a cast of old and new screen actors. Skyler Gisondo – recently featured in an Oscar-nominated film Licorice Pizza– play a key role in the game, the same is true Jurassic world domination Co-star Justice Smith et al. Performance capture technology records each actor’s voice, facial and body expressions, which are translated into computer-generated replicas that players can control and/or encounter in-game. Supermassive was assisted in this by Digital Domain, a Los Angeles-based visual effects studio co-founded by James Cameron, which has since been working on numerous films, games and TV shows.

Will Byles, director and screenwriter quarryfound inspiration in the 1980 summer camp killer movie Friday the 13thin a baroque death scene final destination Franchise.But this game is especially thanks to the 1981 horror comedy American Werewolf in LondonByles remembers it as “the first horror movie I’ve ever seen, and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is funny.'” As he told me on Zoom, Byles admired the film’s humor and believability Relationships and “True Terror.” In quarrytoo, has a mixed tone: it goes from creepy pin-drops to sleazy jokes to its own terrifying werewolf.

The game is set in Hackett’s quarry summer camp, which has the usual decorations: huts, canoes, corpses floating in the lake. At the beginning of the story, the campers have been driven home, but the youth counselor is still hanging around the grounds. When their own journey home was delayed, they opted to relight the campfire and seize the night. As they’ll discover in the next few hours, the vast woods hide many secrets, but sadly Robert Redford’s cameo is not among them.

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