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The Pink Velvet Dress Is The Perfect Holiday Dress


It’s already time for holiday dresses – This pink velvet dress is the one I couldn’t stop talking about… I’m finally satisfied with myself, finally happy with what I chose.

In August, I received this pink velvet dress as part of my Trunk Club delivery. This dress was originally a part of my Trunk Club membership. It felt great to plan ahead so far in advance. If I say that I was unprepared for a party coming up, you would know it was something like the holidays and we ALWAYS had parties. Ask me for a good pair of jeans or sneakers, and I’ll go in my closet and I could pull ten of each. I do not have one million holiday dresses.


Then I asked for some velvet dress options This year because I knew I would need them. I have to admit, I fell in love with this dress the moment I pulled it out of the box. In fact, I spent the next two days asking you guys on Instagram stories if I should keep it. I asked you all four times, and you answered every time, telling me how beautiful it is. So please keep it.


It became a matter of practicality. I looked at the price ($200) and deemed it unaffordable. For something I’d only wear a few times, it was too pricey. After returning it, I received save the dates for THREE events that this dress would have been perfect for (a winter wedding, a ballet performance, and a department party at my husband’s graduate school). Three? This is ridiculous. Even though I knew the dress was also available at Nordstrom……and even considered ordering it. But $200 is still a little steep


When I visited my family last month, did you remember how I managed to book time for myself (miracle)? In my hometown, I worked at the mall that I went shopping at while I was growing up. As I was leaving, I saw a girl with a similar build walking out of Nordstrom. When she leaned to hang them in her car, she saw it! My dress! They were in clear garment bags (I’m assuming she had gotten them altered – since Nordstrom offers free alterations on all items)

That’s what I did. I went back, found it in my size, tried it on again, and bought it. It was a great decision.


As far as holiday dresses go, there are two categories I would categorize them into. When I was a young shopper, I was a wear one season top kind of person. The items I wanted to wear next year were super trendy. Now, where do I want to be? I need flattering, high quality clothes that are worth investing in. This pink velvet dress? Definitely an investment piece. It’s well worth the cost, it’s THE most flattering dress I’ve worn in years, in addition to my weekly reviews of THE T SHIRT DRESS.


Moreover, the color is so flattering, and isn’t likely to go out of style soon. The simple wrap shape is timeless. My favorite part? Due to its easy adjustment, you can wear this wrap dress for many years to come. Are you gaining or losing weight? Are you pregnant? If you want it dressed up for a more formal event, you should adjust the wrap. What about stud earrings and sparkly heels for a more casual event? Wedge shoes with closed toes and larger earrings. I will wear this outfit to my husband’s graduate school holiday event on campus at USC. An elegant pair of closed-toe heels and an interesting pair of earrings.


Searching for an attractive holiday dress? Take a look at our fantastic series featuring loads of different dress options for every type of festive gathering.

Would you also like to shop for holiday dresses? What do you think of the pink velvet dress I showed you?


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