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The One Mascara Trick Professional Makeup Artists Swear By For An Instant Eye Lift



Mascara has numerous uses in a stunning makeup look, whether you want to achieve sky-high lashes or just a slight boost to quickly brighten your eyes. Mascara is a key component of anti-aging beauty, along with eye-opening liner, concealer for beneath the eyes, and luminous contour.

In order to help you master mascara application and achieve that youthful, radiant, and wide-awake look you’re going for, we consulted with experienced makeup artists for a quick, simple, timeless tip. Check out the following for advice from professionals. Professional makeup artists Natasha Moor and Vivi Mintara are the creators of Natasha Moor Cosmetics and Eye Makeup Lab, respectively.

How To Lift Your Eyes With Mascara


It turns out that mastering Moor’s go-to technique is all it takes to give the appearance of an eye lift with only your mascara. You should “look down and apply mascara as close to your waterline as feasible” for your top and bottom lashes after you’ve curled your lashes, she advises. “Squeeze the wand, then raise. Repetition,” she says.

It’s crucial to remember that you should also make sure the mascara you select has the appropriate wand; Moor advises going with one that is slightly tapered. She advises lifting the lashes on the inner and outer corners of your eyes with this wand in order to create the appearance of a lifted face because doing so “helps your face to look more chiselled as it raises the eye.” Voila!

Use Waterproof Mascara & Heat Your Eyelash Curler Beforehand To Avoid Smudging


You can only look younger so much using Moor’s eye-lifting mascara hack; if it smears or runs, the anti-aging effect will be lost. Mintara emphasizes the significance of using waterproof mascara to prevent smudged mascara (which can undoubtedly age anyone and emphasize one’s under-eyes). “The worst thing that contributes to an ageing effect when it comes to mascara is when it starts flowing into your eyelids and into wrinkles,” she says. “To prevent this, try to use waterproof mascara, and always warm up your eyelash curlers before applying them.”

According to her, doing so will keep the curl in place for a lot longer and lessen the chance that it will transfer from your lashes to your skin. To avoid heating up the mascara and giving it a runnier consistency, she suggests waiting until the eyelashes have cooled down a bit before applying it. To quickly add heat to your metal curler, use a blow dryer. This can give your eyelashes the appearance of a curling iron, which will be highlighted by the waterproof mascara for a voluminous, youthful appearance. Noted!

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