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The new Apple iPhone 15 Ultra leaked may details


There were three iPhone 14 models released on Friday, and a fourth (the Plus) will hit store shelves in a few days. So getting excited about the iPhone 15 series might be premature. But, there are major iPhone 15 rumors that detail some of the features of Apple’s 2023 series. The most interesting one claims that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be replaced by the iPhone 15 Ultra.

With so many naming inconsistencies across the iPhone line-up this year, it is obvious that Apple is emphasizing the dissimilarities. If a leak is to be believed, then it is likely that the iPhone 15 Ultra will have features that the iPhone 15 Pro does not. The following features are anticipated by the person

It’s not the first time Leaks Apple Pro has provided accurate information about unreleased Apple products. This time, he tweeted various iPhone 15 details.

It turns out, one of the insiders claiming to be privy to iPhone 15 design secrets, had similar claims to another leaker, as both have reportedly noted all four models coming to have the same notch design as the iPhone 14 Pro.

For one thing, he added that all four iPhone models 15 would have USB-C connections rather than Lightning ports. That is, we already expected this would be a new feature of the coming iPhones, since the European Union requires that cell phone connectors be USB-C rather than Lightning.

Furthermore, Leaks Apple Pro claim that Apple will make a naming scheme change for the next phone in 2023. Apple has released the iPhone 14 Plus, replacing the iPhone mini. Apple won’t alter the iPhone 15 size next year. Despite this, the iPhone 15 Ultra may be a 6.7-inch successor to the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The Ultra will be slightly different from the iPhone 15 Pro, the leaker claims. Which may be bad news for anyone looking forward to the larger iPhone 15 Ultra’s eventual price. Apple thinks the upcoming handset will have a $1,199 starting price.

It’s also reported that Apple is working on support for 8K video recording, but it’s not clear if it will be available for the iPhone 15 Pro. Perhaps only the Ultra will be able to access it.

Apple is similarly targeting 3-4 hours of battery life increases, especially for iPhone 15 Ultra. Although there have been no announcements from Apple regarding this, should Apple bring this plan to fruition, it would be an exceptional upgrade. Currently, the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max offer great battery life.

In the meantime, the iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra will be coming with the brand new A17 Bionic chip. The A16 will be powering the iPhone 15 and iPhone Plus models.

It’s way too early to confirm any of these claims; they only make the most sense when considered together with one another. Among the many ideas proposed, some can be backed up with Dynamic Island rumors and other telltale design aspects. We’ve also been informed from a reliable Apple insider (Ming-Chi Kuo) that the company is aiming to set their 15 Max model apart from the 15 Pro model, but haven’t yet given any indication as to what will separate the two devices.

in the years leading up to 2023, we should see more iPhone 15 leaks. Apple’s iPhone 15 development is no doubt underway.

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