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The ‘Ms. Marvel’ Season 1 Soundtrack Has a Lesson for Hollywood


When I heard the faint notes of the South Indian hit “Oh Nanba” in the first episode lady marvel, I thought I was imagining them. But then, as I kept watching and kept hearing songs I grew up listening to in the background, I realized, no: this really happened. The Marvel show actually plays an actual South Asian song on the show about Desi superheroes.

She was elated when Marvel announced that it would be awarding comic book hero Ms. Marvel, aka Kamala Khan, to her own show I — a brown Indian girl. Finally: a superhero that looks like me, with a different background than mine. But with that excitement came fear. While the series has power and authenticity on the page, I wondered how Marvel would bring the brown Pakistani-American superhero to the big screen. Will the show mock South Asian culture like many other American-produced dramas in the past?Is Marvel going to whitewash the show on and off screen by casting white actors, like they cast Tilda Swinton to play Old One in the movie Doctor Strange? Will it hire white writers to tell our stories? Will it force an awkward dance number, set to generic sitar stock music usually reserved for brown characters only?

Now that its six-episode first season has ended, lady marvel Has proven to be a sensitive, heartwarming depiction of Desi culture. The show balances an authentic portrayal of South Asian Americans with the necessary superhero stuff — all brought together as a true celebration of Kamala culture.watch lady marvel, I asked myself: is this how white people feel all the time when they consume content? Because I want to feel that way all the time.

The show’s most inspired and successful attempt at providing a true representation of Desi is through its soundtrack. lady marvelThe music department features some of South Asia’s most famous artists as well as some of the most underrated. in just six hours, lady marvel From Bollywood songs to famous Pakistani and South Indian music, to new generation gems from artists like Ritviz, Raja Kumari and Tesher. It’s worth mentioning that the soundtrack also features South Asian greats who have integrated into Western culture, such as MIA (“Come Around” with Timbaland), AR Rahman (“Oh Nanba​​​​​) and Riz Ahmed (“Deal With It”). ”).

lady marvel Its diverse soundtrack is intentionally deployed.In the third episode, Kamala’s brother Amir gets married as a beautiful note to AR Rahman’s “Tere Bina” (from a Bollywood movie) Grandmaster) Play. Minutes later, during the shoe-stealing ceremony in the same episode, the voice of the late Rata Mangshkar rang out – the bride’s siblings hid the groom’s shoes, and if he couldn’t find them, he had to pay. The song is “Joote De Do Paise Le Lo,” which literally means “give me shoes, take money.”

Coke studio gems ‘Tu Jhoom’ by Abida Parveen and Naseebo Lal, Pakistani home classic ‘Ko Ko Korina’ by Ahmed Rushdi, ‘Thandi Hawa’ and ‘Sage’ by Ritviz, and the iconic ‘Yeh Mera Dil’ from Amitabh Bachchan ” University Teachersall of which are beloved songs that appear in South Asian cultures, but not those typically heard in mainstream Western properties like the MCU.

lady marvelThe soundtrack feels so special because it takes little consideration of whether or not Western audiences will recognize the music. It’s a rare element of non-white, non-Western authenticity in Hollywood content, often not aimed at accuracy.

Instead, Hollywood often portrays desi culture in a completely insensitive way. officeThe season 3 episode “Diwali” is one such example, which takes the Desi tradition and turns it into a joke. Audiences probably scoffed at it when it debuted in 2006, because the show was basically a satire.But in an exaggerated way office Depicts the bad taste of the festive leaves. From Michael calling the festival “Halloween in India,” to the fact that Indian character Kelly Kapoor (Mindikaling) doesn’t really know what Diwali is, the entire episode feels like a knockout. Even the episode’s use of the popular Bollywood song “Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna” feels like a diss: it’s a wedding song that has no place in a Diwali party.

new girl An equally misguided attempt at Desi’s performance: In Season 2, at the wedding of Indian-American character Cece Parikh, the show played generic stock music during most of the festivities.even though office A poor selection of Bollywood songs, at least it tried. new girl Just choose not to dig from the various song catalogues of the world’s second largest movie industry, but choose something completely fake.

But perhaps part of the reason America’s depiction of South Asian culture is often at odds with music is because of preconceived notions of Bollywood. Since Bollywood films are usually musicals, the soundtracks that are so popular and dominant in the South Asian music scene can seem difficult to detach from their original context. The root cause of this problem is not enough representation behind the scenes: if Hollywood hires more South Asians to tell South Asian stories (or in general!) you get real storytelling, right down to the choice of music.

lady marvel Open your arms and blend in with Bollywood music. This is thanks to the South Asian writers, directors and producers who have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to provide the authenticity it deserves. The show uses songs from decades (“Joote De Do Paise Le Lo” in the ’90s; “Yeh Mera Dil” in the ’70s; “Hadippa” in the ’00s), not all of which are mainstream home classics. Featuring independent artists such as Ritviz and Raja Kumari, and using songs from all over South Asia – especially highlighting the Pakistani music industry; Kamala herself is Pakistani – enriching this beautiful story.

The show’s love of Desi culture is on full display in a variety of ways, from a refreshingly sensitive portrayal of Desi history to telling stories about the everyday life of Kamala and her family. However, the soundtrack is the most special due to its unique and exciting specificity.

That’s magic lady marvel– Music is at the heart of this show. Its beating is loud and clear.

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