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The Marvels Would Be the Perfect Bollywood Movie


There are a number of reasons why MCU fans are so excited about the film’s release. Miracle next year.It’s not just a direct sequel to 2019 captain marvelbut the film also continues the story of Monica Rambo Wanda Vision And has the youngest director ever to take the helm of an MCU project at Nia DaCosta. However, given her performance, lady marvel​​​​​​​​​​, currently the highest-rated MCU property on Rotten Tomatoes, and arguably fans are most excited about the big-screen debut of Iman Vellani’s Ms. Marvel.

Kamala Khan in mind Miracle Shouldn’t be a typical MCU movie at all. In fact, there is an opportunity to do some crazy things, some completely unexpected things, but in the end, some wonderful things. Miracle Should be a Bollywood movie.

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Now, on the surface, this sounds like an idea that won’t work. But if done right, it will.one of the strongest aspects lady marvel The TV show is unapologetically told from Kamala’s point of view. The audience sees the world as she sees the world, with little graffiti everywhere. When Kamala started singing in her house, her house became the stage for the concert. When Kamala pictured herself in a Captain Marvel costume, it was Hollywood-level costumes.

So when Kamala Khan made her big screen debut, why didn’t it feel like all the Bollywood and Indian movies she loved? Unlike Carol Danvers or Monica Rambo, Kamala didn’t appear in the first movie. The world was new to her at the metatext level, so it was an opportunity to show the audience a new world.

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Plus, it gives filmmakers the opportunity to have fun in a whole new way.Indian blockbusters are so stylized and creative vivid Visually. Imagine a Marvel space opera, incredible action and musicals and dances that can only really be seen in Indian movies.it will inject Miracle Have the same infectious power as Ms. Marvel without reducing any risk.if successful RRR Western audiences have proven anything that the hyperbole and stylistic tendencies of Indian cinema are not as inaccessible to the West as many initially thought.

This could be the perfect opportunity to try something completely new in the MCU. Likewise, Ryan Coogler fully embraced African culture when building the world of Wakanda. Black PantherDaCosta can do something like Miracle. The only difference is that instead of making it part of the world, it’s infused into the DNA of the film. There is no other way, Miracle This would be the perfect Bollywood movie, and anything else is probably the biggest missed opportunity for the MCU.

Looking at where the MCU is headed, Marvel is slated for a July 28, 2023 release.

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