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The Incomparable Jenifer Lewis to Receive a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star | News


unparalleled Jennifer Lewis Will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on July 15.

A force of stage, screen and sound, Lewis will be honored with 2,726 stars at the event at 6284 Hollywood Boulevard, live exclusively on WalkOfFame.com.

Lewis’ star will appear on TV.

“Jennifer Lewis is considered a national treasure and a force to be reckoned with,” says Ana Martinez, producer of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. “She’s one of those performers who always keeps the audience on their toes! I put Jennifer’s star next to one of her favorite actresses, the legendary Katharine Hepburn. Those ladies are two peas in a pod, They are all passionate about human rights and are known to be as competitive as everyone else!”

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Lewis began joining church choirs at age 5 and eventually moved to New York City, where she made her Broadway debut and Yubiwork-based musical Ubi Black. With the advent of TV shows Bet meansfor whom she provided backing vocals, Lewis would dominate the nightclub throughout the Big Apple, developing her nightclub performance, Dive was dismissedand became the darling of the theater stage.

Most people will recognize her on ABC as grandmother Ruby Johnson a bit dark, she stayed there for eight seasons. With over 400 appearances in TV series, 68 films, 40 animations and four Broadway shows – this immeasurable talent has always been a staple in black households. Fresh Prince Bel Air to think like a man to Hair spray And only promise to keep going.

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Currently, Lewis is starring in the new hit Showtime series, I love youand her autobiography, hollywood black mothertopped the 2017 national bestseller list.

her follow-up book, Walk in my joy: on these streetsslated for release next month on August 30.

In early April this year, the International School of Journalism awarded her the 2022 Honorable Satellite Award In recognition of her professional contributions to the entertainment industry and various charitable causes.

Her inclusion on the Hollywood Walk of Fame will be Lupita Sanchez-Cornejothe six-time Emmy winner and 2020 Kennedy Center recipient will join Debbie Allenand Tony and Grammy winners, Mark Sharman.

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