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The Hottest Celebrity Cannabis Brands


This month Pioneer IntelligenceThe marketing analytics firm that measures brand awareness and engagement of consumer-facing cannabis brands shares its data with CelebStoner to produce a list of the hottest celebrity cannabis brands. Some insights on Pioneer’s approach can be found below, but first some highlights from the list.

Houseplant — a flower, preroll and home accessories company — topped the rankings. In late June, the brand got a lot of attention when its co-founder Seth Rogen released a short video.inside eye-catching clipRogen twisted a newly released ashtray design with knuckles painted with long nails.

Following Houseplant, Viola Brands (No. 2) is the brainchild of former NBA star Al Harrington. Viola’s joins three other black-owned brands: Khalifa Kush (No. 5) and Tical (No. 8) from rappers Wiz Khalifa and Method Man respectively; Primitiv Group from former NFL players Calvin Johnson Jr. and Rob Sims (No. 7).This month, Khalifa’s California-based brand launched in Michigan, Tical celebrated its two-year anniversary, and Michigan-based Primitiv was in attendance by Johnson Jr. The Renaissance Man Podcast by Jalen Rose.

The rest of the chart features music superstar and longtime marijuana advocate Willie Nelson (No. 9) and one of the family’s original celebrity cannabis brands, Garcia Hand Picked (No. 4), Willie’s Reserve (No. 9) Jerry Garcia, The late Grateful Dead guitarist; blues brothers Jim Belushi’s Belushi’s Farm (No. 3); actress Bela Thorne’s Forbidden Flower (No. 6), the only one on the list by a woman owned company; and Lemonnade, a floral-focused brand co-founded by rapper Berner of Cookies fame.

For the curious reader, why Lemonnade is on the list but Cookies isn’t: While Cookies is still a very hot brand, its overall index score has been dragged down as its main Instagram account is currently down.

About Pioneer Intelligence

These scores and rankings are based on Pioneering Intelligence Research Track brand awareness and engagement across social media, earned media and web campaigns.Currently, Pioneer has 705 licensed THC wholesalers brand poolIt is from this group that CelebStoner has selected a list of celebrity brands from which to create a list of the hottest celebrity brands.

This is not a sales chart. “Pioneer Intelligence explores the marketing performance of licensed U.S. cannabis brands,” the company explained in its Marketing Performance Scorecard. “Our database grows by more than 100,000 data points per week. At the end of our designated Monday-Sunday week, we compare brand performance for each of over 200 weighted features. Through dimensionality reduction, we generate pillar and sub-pillar scores , these scores are normalized to a 1000-point scale. These scores are presented as ranks and equivalent percentiles.”

The Methods section states: “In terms of its composition, Vanguard’s overall index score closely follows the performance of social media and online activity. Earned media is of lower value.”

Brands with celebrity ownership, investment or involvement are eligible for the list. Pioneer follows more than 30 celebrity cannabis brands.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Pioneer Intelligence, which they have been doing since 2019,” said CelebStoner publisher Steve Bloom.

Here are the scores for the hottest celebrity cannabis brands based on June performance:

1. Houseplant – 637.5

2. viola brand – 634.3

3. Belushi’s Farm – 621.8

4. Garcia hand pick – 621.3

5. Khalifa Kush – 620.8

6. forbidden flower – 607.3

7. original group – 597.0

8. Tika – 581

9. Willie’s Reserve – 579.9

10. lemonade – 526.8

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Steve Bloom

Steve Bloom

Publisher of CelebStoner.com, former editor of High Times and Freedom Leaf, co-author of Pot Culture and Reefer Movie Madness.

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