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The Halloween franchise ends with Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode

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In a recent interview, Jamie Lee Curtis discussed her journey in the Halloween franchise since starring in the first film in 1981.

Jamie Lee Curtis, who was in her first appearance as the fictional Laurie Strode in 1981’s Halloween, has decided that it is time to say goodbye. She reflects on the decisions she’s made over the past forty-two years to protect her family. Released in time for Halloween, the animated family comedy will be the spookiest family comedy in theaters this season.

Directed by David Gordon Green, Halloween Ends is the 13th movie in the series and is a direct sequel to last year’s Halloween Kills. The star of John Carpenter’s 1981 classic took the leading role, portraying Laurie Strode, a high school student who is the victim of Michael Myers / The Shape on Halloween night.

Jamie Lee Curtis on returning to the Laurie Strode character
Speaking ahead of the release of her new film, the Halloween franchise’s new instalment, actress Jamie Lee Curtis said, We made that first movie for nothing in 1978 in 17 days. At its core, there was something that has lasted for 44 years. Ever since I joined Laurie Strode on this new trilogy, I have spent a lot of time wondering why me? or why her? In what does Michael see in Laurie? What I realize now, as I do and come to terms with, is that Laurie is everyone’s symbol for a happy life.

She further added how Laurie represents different relationships adding, “She represents everyone’s sister, best friend, daughter, niece and granddaughter.” No one understands better that Laurie is an avatar of a life interrupted, a survivor who has spent her life trying to not let an inexplicable evil chart her path and define her existence.”

Halloween Ends also stars James Jude Courtney, Andi Matichak, Will Patton and Kyle Richards. The film recently held its star-studded premiere in Los Angeles where Jamie was spotted walking on the red carpet with her daughters, Ruby Guest and Annie Guest. Sharing photos from the premiere on her Instagram, Curtis wrote about why she chose to wear a sparkling red dress for the event and said, “I knew it was the one to END @halloweenmovie with.” Halloween Ends releases across theatres in India on October 14.

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