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“The Gray Man” sequel: Dhanush to star with Ryan Gosling; these are the things The Lone Wolf will be doing this time


According to Hollywood insiders, Dhanush will again play the eponymous character The Gray Man, Ryan Gosling’s counterpart in the film sequel to Netflix. As before, though, it’s unclear what role he’s going to play in this one: hero or villain.

It took Dhanush fifteen minutes to appear in The Gray Man, but he’s what matters the most. His acting in The Gray Man left an impact not only in this movie, but in all his other films, since his action and screen presence in both continue to leave a positive effect on people. Thus, it is only logical that Dhanush will return for the sequel, which was recently announced by Joe and Anthony Russo. Those who have been rooting for our Sexy Tamil Friend aka The Lone Wolf to appear in The Gray Man 2 have just had their wish fulfilled.

Dhanush confirms he will star in the sequel to The Gray Man.

Recently, on his official entertainment news Instagram account, Dhanush uploaded a voice note that read, Six (Chris Evans), this is Lone Wolf, I hear we are both looking for the same man. I want to offer you some advice. Stop looking, you are wasting your time. Because if I find him first, there will be nothing left for you to look for and if you find him first, then I will find you. Nothing personal. The world of The Gray Man Universe continues to grow and soon it will be releasing a sequel: Lone Wolf is ready, are you? @agbofilms @netflix @therussobrothers. You can see more in his latest post below

Dhanush’s role in the sequel to The Gray Man

The Quint

The post indicates that Dhanush will again pursue the eponymous The Gray Man aka Ryan Gosling in the Netflix film sequel. However, it’s hard to tell whether he’s on his side or against him, given how his character ended in the first movie and what he’s saying now. That is, it is worthy of note that by addressing Six, there is a possibility that Chris Evans survived his gunshot wound and will come back too, or that another prominent assassin set to take up his alias is soon on his way.

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