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The Curious Case of the Lab Worker Who Strangled His Colleague

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An alabaster worker who allegedly strangled a colleague after a month-long romance texted her that she would “run for the hills” if she knew his quirks, a court heard.

Megan Newborough, 23, was found dead in her home in Leicestershire on August 6 last year and McCullum, 30, is accused of staging a “calculated and carefully executed” cover-up.

He was arrested and admitted manslaughter but pleaded not guilty to murder, saying that the intent to cause serious harm wasn’t there and that it was caused by a loss of control or an abnormality of mind.


Mr McCullum met Ms Newborough at work in June 2021. After working in different parts of the company, they met at a brick manufacturer and eventually crossed paths again in the human resources office.

Speaking at Leicester Crown Court on Tuesday, Cammegh explained that for over the next month, texts containing sexual innuendos and explicit content were exchanged between the accused and complainant.

As a result of several exchanges, the prosecutor was able to gain an understanding of the defendant’s thoughts and feelings.

On July 15th, Mr. McCullum hinted there was a second side to his personality when he wrote, The moment you get to know me more, you will see, haha, I have my moments when I can be a caring and thoughtful guy too.

On another occasion in the same day, Ms Newborough had inquired: What quirks do you have then?

In response, McCullum said “I cannot give them all away just yet, missy, you would run for the hills if you heard them all at once.”


During their sexual relationship, Mr McCullum grew increasingly confident, and his text messages to Ms Newborough became more vulgar as the weeks passed.

Eventually, McCullum on the sixth of August invited Newborough to his house while his parents were out that evening.

The prosecutor made the following argument in court “The Crown’s case is that sometime between about 8.15pm and 8.50pm… the defendant, Ross McCullum, murdered Megan Newborough at his home address in Coalville, Leicestershire.

“The Crown’s case is that the violent manner of Megan’s death leaves no room for doubt that the defendant intended to do so.”

Mr McCullum showed Ms Newborough into the front room and at some point in the following minutes he killed her in a violent manner. The defendant first strangled her, then cut her throat repeatedly with a knife, according to the prosecution.

According to court testimony, the defendant told police after his arrest that he cut her throat in order to “make sure” she was dead.

After arriving at Mr McCullum’s home, Ms Newborough decided to use her Citroen C3 for his further movement. Her mobile phone was disposed of, first near Woodhouse Eaves, where he later deposited her corpse.

In his efforts to conceal his crime, the accused sent messages and left voicemails after allegedly killing Ms Newborough, a court has heard.

According to Mr Cammegh, the jury heard: “As I have mentioned to you, the defendant accepts he killed Megan but he denies murder.

you might be wondering what his defence is. Essentially he claims that he was incapable of forming the intent to kill her or to do her serious harm, either temporarily or permanently.

that he was not able to intend to kill her or cause her serious harm, either temporarily or permanently, is the defence you may wish to consider in light of the following evidence: from the moment he strangled her, throughout the night that followed and into the next day, his behaviour.

“The Crown’s argument is that the defendant immediately started a series of intentional behaviours that were deliberately planned and meticulously carried out to conceal Megan’s murder and his involvement in it.

According to “The Crown,” this behaviour “conclusively reveals the fact that he was not momentarily seized by an uncontrollable surge of emotion or some other mental handicap, doing a dreadful act in difficult circumstances, but that he was a crafty and resourceful murderer.”

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