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The Creator of ‘Citizen Sleeper’ Was Inspired by Our Modern Dystopia


Other factions at the station, such as the Port Authority, the former union Havenage, and the loosely regulated and over-trusted Hypha commune, are as fragmented as any corporation and equally capable of being ignored by the agency. While Damian Martin has their politics, they are not interested in covert incitement.

“I never wanted to make a story centered on bringing down a ridiculously evil group. I wanted to tell a story on the periphery of capitalism, where many of us have learned how to survive.”

Our precarious world

In their many interviews, Citizen SleeperThe depths of Damian Martin center on the notion of instability that inspired their reading of Anna Tsing’s work mushroom at the end of the worldone of the many wonderful works of contemporary science fiction mentioned in the game.

“There are so many structures around us that stress our lives,” notes Damian Martin. “We have to be healthy, successful and content. We are all scrambling to achieve these goals in a race against each other, for jobs, opportunities, property and even social status.

“We prove this with the myth of meritocracy, which requires that the only thing that separates someone from the comfort of success or the desperation of failure is to be arbitrarily judged to be good at anything of arbitrary worth. It’s a testament to our dignified A very volatile approach to the right to exist.

When you consider the constraints imposed by the stock market, international politics or immigration or other restricted status, you find it more volatile. Our world is full of control systems that we cannot imagine. We are surrounded by tiny, fragile walls,” explains Damian Martin, “and when those walls bend and break, we can fall into a state of mental breakdown, bankruptcy, poverty and even death. “

We feel that these walls are constantly Citizen SleeperThe game’s financial concerns about affordable food are combined with medical anxiety about where to get the serum that sustains our frail bodies, or how to afford solutions that might save us from dangerous situations. Rolling a low set of action dice can create cascading setbacks when getting caught up in so many predatory systems at critical moments.

“As I’ve discovered, the greatest defense against these ruthless systems is grassroots reciprocity,” concludes Damian Martin. “While we can’t decide what we’re worth or what we’re entitled to, we can always try to be there for each other when we need to. When people around us roll the snake’s eyes. Mutual supportive intimacy is essentially how each person Survive in this world. It’s always been an arc from the beginning Citizen Sleeper, like my own life in many ways. I don’t think there are enough stories about the people trapped in these dangerous spaces. “

Citizen Sleeper Three episodes of free DLC will follow, the first of which is titled “Flux” and tells the story of a refugee fleet locked out of Erlin’s Eye by quarantine measures.

“What I’m going to say now is that ‘Flux’ turns the focus to issues like refugees, bureaucracy and creating space for compassion in a democracy,” explains Damian Martin. “I hope players will find it interesting and will follow it as the episodic story unfolds this year and next.”

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