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The Brotherhood of BTS: Jin and Chris Martin’s Unforgettable Waltzing Rehearsal in Argentina

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Coldplay front man Chris Martin and Worldwide Handsome’s fans ooh and aww at the adorable waltzing video

The Astronaut was Jin’s performance with Coldplay in Argentina. He joined the band, which performed in Buenos Aires. Jin’s new solo, The Astronaut, is a farewell to his ARMY, who will soon be parting with Jin due to his enlistment in the military. His enlistment should be at the end of this December or the start of January 2023. Kim Seokjin is a fan of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida and Fix You, among others. The dream of doing a Coldplay song has always been his. Chris Martin graciously welcomed Jin who sung his new song The Astronaut for a thrilled Argentinean crowd in River Plate Stadium.

Chris Martin says Jin is like a brother to him because Jin is like a waltzing machine. Now a video of Jin and Chris has gone viral. As a matter of fact, he suggested BTS as a group of younger brothers. He said Jin had to serve in the military in accordance with the rules, and he hoped everything would be fine.

After the video went viral, Dakota Johnson, the girlfriend of Chris Martin, began trending. Fans have been teasing Martin about looking totally whipped in Worldwide Handsome Jin. WWH is the name he uses when introducing him. ARMY members saw that when Jin played guitar with Chris on The Astronaut he got teary-eyed, which despite the laughter was quite clear. Jin mentioned that he’s aware that people were going around bad-mouthing him for his military service delay. He also discussed the reasons for the same. ARMY has expressed its love for the oldest member of BTS.

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