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The Best Way to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape



Although applying blush sounds like it should be rather simple, it takes time to figure out how to apply it so that it complements your face shape. With so many different blush application techniques, tips, and tricks available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your face shape—whether it’s heart-shaped, square, oval, or round. So we’re taking out all the hassle and making it simple. Here, we’ll go over how to apply blush on each type of face. The secret is to find the perfect blush colour and learn how to blend it in with the rest of your skin and facial features to produce an optical illusion that draws attention to your cheekbones while yet appearing natural. To get this lovely result, let’s take a deeper look at some of the greatest blush application techniques.

How to Apply Blush If You Have a Square Face
Using a square face when working? Applying blush to the apples of your cheeks is the most straightforward way to go about things. Additionally, it can be used to soften angular face contours. For a delicate appearance, concentrate on the apples of your cheeks before blending outward. To prevent the appearance of a wider-looking face, be careful not to blend the product out too far horizontally.

How to Apply Blush If You Have a Round Face
Your objective when you have a round face should be to make your cheekbones stand out. Your face will appear rounder and your cheekbones will appear softer if you apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Apply blush a little further down and on the outer of your cheeks to give your face an angular appearance. Avoid blending in the direction of your nose as this can also make your face appear fuller.

Editor’s advice: To avoid having excessively cherubic cheeks, switch out sparkly blush formulas for matte ones.

How to Apply Blush If You Have an Oval Face
You’re in luck if you have an oval face. You may pretty much do whatever you want when it comes to blush placement. Just be careful not to apply blush underneath your cheekbones, as you should be contouring there. Instead of giving you a rosy glow, blush applied under your cheekbones can make you appear windburnt.

How to Apply Blush If You Have a Long Face
You have more room to blush if you have a long face. Beginning just below the eyes, blend to the centre of your cheeks. If you want to shorten your face, apply it in a straight line or a tiny semicircle.

How to Apply Blush If You Have a Heart-Shaped Face
You should soften your features because heart-shaped faces can seem sharp. Apply blush in ‘C’ shapes from the top of your cheekbones to just over the outer corner of your eyes to get this. To balance your forehead and chin, you can also add a little blush to the middle of your forehead.

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