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The Astronaut: Coldplay & BTS’ Jin Will Make You Weep With This Soulful Ballad


Coldplay’s ‘The Astronaut’ collaboration with BTS’ Jin has made ARMY weep with the powerful vocals he delivers. This BTS member also showed off some great acting skills. Watch the video below.

The Astronaut, a BTS member Jin collaboration with Coldplay, is finally here. It’s received lots of attention as it is Jin’s last solo song before he leaves for the Korean military, a government-mandated requirement. Jin will begin shooting his solo procedure in November. The music video was directed by Lumpens, who frequently directs BTS videos. The song is dominated by Jin’s voice and Coldplay playing in the background. The idea is that of an astronaut making Earth his home and forming meaningful relationships with those people. The relationship between Kim Seokjin aka Jin and the little girl is adorable. His eyes speak volumes about how good an actor he is.

The video is so out of the box from what we’ve seen before from K-Pop. He will be performing the song live in Buenos Aires tonight. The song is lovely and soulful and commemorates BTS’s relationship with ARMY. According to the lyrics, it was the fandom who helped him find his dreams, and with them he feels like he’s in heaven. Fans are sobbing right now. Check out the tweets…

His looks in the video are stunning. The video was shot in Los Angeles. It was initially reported that Jin aka Kim Seokjin was the eldest hyung in BTS. J-Hope has already expressed his enthusiasm for the video.

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