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The Agony and Ecstasy of Playing Out Your School Years in Games


George Pigula can’t Get a prom date. There are still about 24 hours until the dance, The Sims 4: High School Age The lead producer is reliving one of the most frustrating experiences a teen can have: rejection, rejection, rejection.

As an architect and player, Pigula’s woes are self-inflicted, but as an adult, he’s not the only one clamoring to be a kid again. “Teenage is very important,” Pigula said in a press presentation for the new expansion. “They’re formative. Now is the time to find friends and figure out relationships. You have the opportunity to navigate these challenges and enjoy the joys of young love, whether it’s the blissful crush stage, a marriage proposal, or the difficulties of a breakup.”

The school setting is a staple of video games, whether it’s telling the story of a teen’s experience, choosing between murder and mayhem, or balancing vigilance and doing your homework. Adolescence is a critical time for people to learn about themselves, but it is also filled with heartbreak, embarrassment, loneliness, and many other triumphs and traumas. The genre that has sprung up around it is booming.also High schoolwhich falls on July 28, has Person 5 RoyalUpcoming Nintendo Switch releases and brand new games like the recently announced Necrosoft Games devil school.

However, Necrosoft’s method is more The Sims. devil school Influenced by Italian horror movies and Atlus Shin Megami Tensei and Role series. The game is set on an island with two clear locations: a university and a prison. This special school is the last chance for students who either graduate or go to jail. The game’s heroine, Fay, is the last of the demon hunters. A small warning – no one has seen a demon in hundreds of years. They were myths until suddenly they were not.

The school environment attracts many people, devil school Director Brandon Sheffield told WIRED because “for a lot of people, it represented an era of freedom — freedom of thought, you’re not bound by certain social notions, you’re not stuck at work yet. On the road. There are many hopes and possibilities before you.”

devil schoolThe more mature setting also puts the characters in a different setting than they were in high school The Sims peers. “We specifically chose this university because you have characters that can be friends or relationships,” Sheffield said.sometimes games like Role Allows you to socialize with adults even if you are underage. “It always made me feel a little weird about all the high school things that could be romantic with each other,” he said.and devil schoolSheffield said it was important that everyone “reached the age of consent”.

Not that these reinventions of youth are all about relationships or being prom royalty.exist devil school, the growing scare matches the real horror scene. Faye and a few friends study the demon’s appearance while her classmates are writing papers and doing math homework. The game runs on a calendar where events are arranged in a weekly structure and specific events for each day.This is a more restricted version of the game, like Role or underworld, Sheffield pointed out that this is the impact.He likes the look of the series Role or Shin Megami Tensei,from Role A series split, negotiate to convince the demons to join your party. “There’s some push and pull there, not just a bunch of unknown evil that you have to destroy,” he said.

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