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The 8 Prettiest Lip Stains and Tints That Basically Last Forever



Lip stains and tints are a simple method to add color to your lips without worrying about it fading or spreading after you eat, drink, or kiss your significant other.

Lip tints are among the long list of South Korea’s many excellent exports, which also includes sheet masks, pimple patches, and K-pop. Thanks to Tonymoly, some of the greatest lip stains available today for fuss-free, long-lasting colour originate in Seoul. Fortunately, buying one won’t cost you more than $7 and you won’t require an airline ticket. A number of Western cosmetics companies have also developed their own unique takes on the K-beauty standard. For instance, Maybelline New York has a slim crayon that leaves a wash of tinted colour while L’Oréal Paris produces a stain that editors enjoy.

According to makeup artist and founder of Guide Beauty Terri Bryant, “Unlike lipsticks that create a coating on top of the lips, stains are absorbed into the outer layers of the skin for a thin flash of low-maintenance colour.” Remember, they’re called lip stains for a reason; as a result, these items are particularly suitable for people who wear masks.

Makeup expert Andrea Claire advises drawing a “V” at the bow and outer corners of your lips and a “U” near the bottom of your lips when it’s time to apply the stain. Then join the lines, draw the lips, and presto. Makeup expert Geneivive Garner suggests dabbing the cream with your fingertips straight into your lips for a natural-looking finish. For a more saturated appearance, Claire advises using the dye right out of the tube.

Apply your stain to clean, dry lips for the longest wear possible, advises Garner to Allure. A lip mask or a light clear balm will also help balance out the lips’ levels of hydration, preparing them for a more even application, says Claire. In order to increase the stain’s wear time, Claire also advises adding a lip liner as a basis. Both Claire and Garner advise using a one-ply tissue over your lips and then finishing with a small amount of translucent powder to seal the deal. Whatever lip-stain variant you want, these goods will linger with you for a very long time. Expect no colour to touch your teeth at all, and reapplication after meals won’t be a problem.

Fenty Beauty Poutsicle Lip Stain

PC–Beauty Cosmetics

Since we already know to only expect the greatest formulations from Fenty Beauty, we felt compelled to award the Poutsicle Lip Stain an Allure Best of Beauty Award for 2022. It combines the rich wash of color and lightweight, barely-there texture you would expect from a tint plus the advantages of moisturizing, lip-softening squalane.

Clarins Water Lip Stain


Claire appreciates the slightly sheer texture and transfer-proof consistency of the Clarins Water Lip Stain, which contains 77 percent water. Aloe vera, which is calming, glycerin, which is hydrating, and camellia sinensis leaf extract, which is antioxidant-rich, are important components of the Best of Beauty winner (aka green tea). One of four entertaining colours is Red Water, a candy-colored red as seen above.

Benefit Cosmetics Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain


Without this traditional lip color, a collection of lip stains wouldn’t be complete. Benefit Cosmetics’ Benetint Cheek & Lip Stain is making a resurgence right now thanks to K-pop stars who use it to give their lips a glossy appearance before performing. Furthermore, it won’t lose its strength no matter how demanding the choreography is. Although the original Benetint is the most popular colour, there are a number of other options, including Gogotint (a vivid cherry red) and Playtint (a cheery hot pink).

L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain


For good reason, L’Oréal Paris Rouge Signature Matte Lip Stain is a mainstay in drugstores. Due to its pigment-packed composition that is lightweight but long-wearing, makeup artist Keka Heron compares the tint to a hybrid between a lip stain and lipstick. An extra benefit is the affordable pricing.

Buxom Serial Kisser Plumping Lip Stain


Cara Lovello, a makeup artist, likes Buxom’s Serial Killer Plumping Lip Stain because it contains hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid. For hours on end, the solution keeps the lips looking and feeling supple by drawing moisture to them. There are eight colours available, including Beso (a deep cherry), Makeout (a neutral mauve), and Smooch (a light pink) (a peachy coral).

Colourpop Fresh Kiss Glossy Lip Stain


In contrast to more matte finishes, Colourpop’s Fresh Kiss Glossy Lip Stain shines and doesn’t budge. Glossy formulas don’t always have the same level of longevity. Even after it dries down, the water-based colour keeps lips moisturised. Guava and lychee extracts, which are strong in antioxidants, are also included in the stain to shield the skin in this area from free radical damage.

Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment


In an interview with Allure, Garner gushed over Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment, calling its lightweight texture “dreamy” and non-drying to the lips. It will take some time for it to start to wear off, but once it does, a lovely splash of colour is left behind, she continues. The Best of Beauty Award winner is offered in 14 hues with complete coverage.

Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick


“Huge fan” of the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipsticks is makeup artist Brittany Lo. The inky lip paint comes in an astounding 72(!) colours, with matte and metallic sheens. With avocado oil added to its non-sticky, transfer-proof texture, it moisturises your lips and keeps them from drying out.

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